PLEASE help! What are my chances of getting into Haas?

<p>Sophomore, applied to Haas in November. Econ 1 just screwed me over. My section's curve was ridiculous compared to the rest of the class, and I ended up with a C. Previously never had a grade lower than a B+. What are my chances if the following are my grades:</p>

<p>(bear in mind I had a 3.76 (and honor roll status) overall before my C in econ, now a 3.5)
Math 1A: A
1B: B+
R&C 1A: A
Stat 20: B
Econ 1: C</p>

<p>Strong essays/extra curriculars, from what I've gathered by talking with others (including current Haas students). I'm in a business fraternity, hold campus jobs, had internships during freshman year and last summer. </p>

<p>How does this affect my chances? Is there anything I should do? I know Econ and Business is right for me. This is what I want to do! My section was honestly ridiculous, we're talking the worst combination: highest scoring section with a very bad GSI. :(</p>

<p>4th semester grades don't change your chances much. wait, nvm, this is your 3rd semester, right? er... hm. 2 A's, 2 B's, and a C.. the C could be forgiven if your essays were as strong as you say. guess playing the waiting game is all you can really do at this point.. best of luck</p>

<p>What's so special about Haas?</p>

<p>Ehh GPA is only one component... I've heard of students with 3.3s getting accepted, and my friend with a 3.9 got rejected last year. So grades aren't everything.</p>

<p>And if you're in a business frat, you should have plenty of current Haas students to talk to about this, right?</p>

<p>Yes but to be honest, I am so embarrassed about this C. The curve for my section was ridiculous, so while my scores could have gotten me a B+ in other sections, I got screwed over big time. Thanks for your help!
As for your friends with lower GPA's-did they have any special components to their applications? Outstanding internships? Campus jobs? Or were the essays just really good?</p>

<p>Take my advice with a grain of salt, because I'm also just a sophomore who applied to Haas:</p>

<p>But the students with low GPAs had a combination of ALL those things. Excellent essays, good internships/work experience, leadership positions in clubs, community service, and sometimes sports as well. So the reason that they had worse grades was because they were doing so much other stuff outside of academics.</p>

<p>For my friends with high GPAs that got rejected, they took a lot of units every semester (~20 units), got excellent grades, but were only lightly involved in one or two extracurricular activities. In which case, Haas doesn't just want academic robots.</p>

<p>Also as a side-note: be wary of comparing your grades across sections. Some GSIs tend to grade harder on exams, some grade easier. So, the exam averages/standard deviations will be different. For example, if you got an A- on your exam and your section average was a B+, you can't compare your exam grade to a section whose average was a B- or C+; every section is different. You may be able to compare how many standard deviations above or below the average you were, but even that may be misleading. So that's the main reason that they curve within each section, and not across all sections, because GSIs grade differently.</p>

<p>And here's my most important advice of the day: stop worrying so much. You already turned in your application, there's nothing you can do about it now. All you can do is wait for Feb 24th (that's what I'll be doing). If you don't get in, what's the big deal? Just pick a different major, there are much more important things in life.</p>