Please help with a credit problem

<p>i registered to a class that is required for my degree, but its credit was reduced due to the fact that i exceeded the credit limit. In fact i just took classes that are required and only available in one of my majors. </p>

<p>It is not my fault that the department give the same class number to all of them! I talked to my advisor about it and she came with 2 options that i don't understand both or have no idea which one to choose. any help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Here is the email that i got:</p>

<p>"What I can do for you at this moment is to wave 1 credit from your 20 credits of X elective requirements in order to make up for the difference in the credits. Otherwise, you will have to petition the credit with our chair. Currently, our chair is changing from x (Dean of the College of Arts and Science) to professor Y </p>

<p>Let me know which option you would prefer"</p>

<p>"exceeded the credit limit"</p>

<p>Exceeded the credit limit for what? Your post is a little unclear.</p>

<p>in one of my majors (Arabic) all the classes are special studies 496. there is a 15 credits limit for classes that you can register for with the same number. i already took the 12 credits in my first quarter. and i am taking 5 credits in winter. since there is a 15 credits limit, the class was reduced from 5 to 3!
i have no idea why the department is calling all of the Arabic classes 496!</p>