PLEASE help with Citizenship portion of common app profile!

I came to the US when i was about 8 months old, and my parents don’t know for sure if I have a visa or a green card. They’re giving me vague answers instead. According to my parents I don’t have a green card even if I am a permanent resident, and the commonapp website is asking for a scan of my green card. My parents only have my work permit which they insist I can just upload instead of the green card…Is that true? I don’t know what to do.

bump!!! please, i need an answer as soon as possible

it turns out that i have a pending greencard…what does that mean??? My parents are screaming at me insisting that the work permit will work but i don’t know. Can someone please give me an answer?

Were you adopted by US citizens or brought here by immigrant parents?

Green cards aren’t actually green. They are an i.d. card with your picture that says “United States of America Permanent Resident” at the top. Is that what you have? I can’t understand why a child would have a work permit unless it is issued by the state you live in.

i was bought here by immigrant parents

Since you are not replying maybe this will help. If you are 18 you need to take some steps yourself. I can’t imagine why your parents wouldn’t have this straightened out before you were old enough to work or get a job.

i have no idea either but it’s an employment authorization card and I don’t have anything else. According to my mother I don’t have a visa or a greencard (yet) but i was able to get in through her Visa. However, she still insists that I can just scan the work permit and send it to them because they won’t care.

Does this mean you’ve been residing in the US for ~17 years now with unclear legal status?

What type of visa did she enter using? Is the visa still valid, or has she over-stayed the expiry date? Just because one can legally enter a country doesn’t mean one can legally remain in the country indefinitely.

What kind of “work permit” is this? Is it a federally issued one that is related to immigration/visa? Or is it a state issued one that is related to allowing a minor to work in the state? Do you have a SSN?

The colleges will indeed care VERY MUCH about the clarity of your legal residency status. Your status will determine whether your application will be in the domestic candidate pool or the int’l candidate pool. And it will determine whether you are eligible for many types of financial aid.

It’s 2 days before the end of the year, and you’re just asking questions now?

I don’t blame the OP. It sounds like her parents are not clear themselves. If you don’t have a green card, you are going to be considered international. Ask your parents if you have a pending green card application, and if they know when the green card is expected. If they have a target date, you could tell colleges. But you need to be sure the info is truthful. You should consider consulting an immigration lawyer.

If you are international, admission and financial aid become much more difficult at many schools. Some state schools won’t grant in-state tuition, too. You parents are very misinformed if they think colleges don’t care.

Not always. In some states, illegal immigrant students who matriculated/graduated from a HS in the state are counted as “domestic” students.

For purposes of admission and tuition, that is true in some states. The OP has it said where they live. It gets more complicated if the OP is here on a legal visa, though. Then they would probably be an international.

if you don’t have a green card or a citzenship you’re considered internationl, unless if you are sure you are not international, put refugee??