please help with laon explanation

<p>i got awarded 2 loans</p>

<p>"Fed Direct Sub Stafford Loan" and "Fed Direct Unsub Stafford Loan".
i could not understand the difference between them. also, what is the interest rate on each loan.</p>

<p>do you recommend it or not. please give me your opinion</p>

<p>Sub doesnt have interest while you are still in school but unsub has. Both of them are government loan so its interest is pretty low. I think that you should take it rather than lend from private loan.</p>

<p>This web site may offer some answers. Wouldn't hurt to talk to a financial advisor to be sure your debt isn't more than you can manage (while in school and after graduation).</p>

<p>Stafford</a> Loan Interest Rates < Information |</p>