Please help with Self-Reporting Grades for US Students

My son applied a while back but application is missing self-reported grades. His Senior year first semester grades won’t be available until end of December. Does he submit Senior year as IP (in progress) now or just wait until end of December to report? He was hoping to submit soon so that he could get a decision asap as McGill is his top choice.

Submit what you have at this point. McGill admissions is from the top down. Applicants with the highest stats are admitted first regardless of when the application was submitted.

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My daughter is in the same situation. We called ServicePoint and they were a great help. They told us that she must have a minimum of 3 grades for senior year in order for the form to submit, so it is my understanding that she will have to wait until grades are finalized which may not be until the beginning of January.

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My daughter was able to report her first quarter senior year grades and her application is now listed as “Ready for Review.” I would submit what you have for grades 9-11 and any first quarter grades if you have those. Also, I thought they were only going to ask for grades 10 + 11, but they did ask for all of the grades from 9th grade, too.

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Thank you for the replies. He sent in his application and portfolio way in advance but the self-reported grades link just opened up and he does not have any first quarter grades to report so this is really so frustrating. He will have to wait until end of December to submit his grades then if the form won’t submit without senior year grades. I appreciate all your help. He’s also applying test optional as he was unable to sit for any tests due to the pandemic. He does not have a single test score to report. :frowning:

That is new this year!

My daughter is also applying test optional, as every single ACT and SAT she signed up for was canceled. She had one really good Biology Subject SAT from the end of 9th grade, but they require all or nothing on reporting testing.

My son is in a similar situation, only grades won’t be available until February 1st! It’s really frustrating. Reporting 3 grades for 1st semester of senior year doesn’t make sense, either; all grades are available at the same time (unless there were some courses that were incomplete).
Their website indicates that applicants have until March to submit the grades, even though the application is due in January. My son’s guidance counselor told us that McGill doesn’t come out with decisions until June, so I am hoping that he will not be penalized or disadvantaged by something as arbitrary as when grades are released by the high school.

Uh no. For American applicants decisions have already started to trickle out. McGill admits from the top down in terms of stats. Most decisions will come out in March.

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The first semester isn’t even over for my son yet. Finals are next week, and second semester begins in late January. I don’t understand why they’d make decisions in this manner, when all of the data isn’t in yet. My son has a 3.97 unweighted GPA, is a National Merit Semifinalist and has a 35 ACT composite score with one sitting. But McGill isn’t even going to consider him until those first semester grades roll around.
Frustrating, to say the least. And I’m also concerned that his GC doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

@Andromache My son was in a similar situation, with a late-January report card, and called McGill. They told him that as long as the grades were in by mid-March that there would not be a disadvantage. Feel free to DM me if you would like to chat more.

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