PLEASE help with Tuition question??

<p>I can't remember where the post is, but I read on here that today was the deadline on CARS to pay 20% of the tuition and to be considered an actual student? I paid it and everything, but...the amount I paid today, is it a 20% (ish?) of my SEMESTER tuition or the YEARLY tuition?? And is it just tuition that I paid today, or is the dorm/meal plan included? Because if I just paid for <em>tuition</em> and not anything else, I swear.....</p>

<p>The 20% is of the semester's tuition fees, but if you are in the dorms there was also one month's room and board due. That would be on under the CARS tab, the Quick Statement subtab - the Minimum Amount Due is that figure. Now, probably if you have paid at least 20% of the semester tuition, but not the month of dorms, they may consider that sufficient but someone with experience with this would have to comment. You do not owe the second semesters tuition, those are assessed on a semester by semester basis. However, dorms are a one-year (10 equal payments) obligation. It also gets complicated when financial aid is involved, based on when and how much they are paying. </p>

<p>The important point is that there are a few weeks of forgiveness built into the system, they don't go after someone for being late until sometime in September. On the other hand, your status may not reflect a registered student until the payment is processed, but that won't stop you from attending classes. It might affect making telebears adjustments, depends upon whether they set up a block or not.</p>