Please help! worried about deadline

I am a high school senior and I submitted my common app to USF on the 22nd of December. However, I was unaware that I needed to invite my counselor to my common app. My counselor needs to send in my transcripts and their recommendations; however, since it is winter break I am not sure if he is going to send them until after break and will miss the January 1st deadline. Will I be penalized if USF does not get my transcripts and other documents by the deadline?

Most likely, yes. It’s not a good look to turn things in late. If USF provides you with information regarding your admissions officer, email them, and explain the situation and send in unofficial transcripts through email if you have them. In the mean time, harass your counselor via email and phone.

(Assuming this is University of South Florida)

Unfortunately, most likely yes. Applicants are expected to read and act on the deadlines defined in the application process.

January 1 – Priority application completion deadline. Submit your application and all supporting materials by this date for your best chance of acceptance.

Fortunately, this is a “priority” deadline and USF has an actual hard deadline of March 1.

@aponme send your info in. Call admissions when they open. I have a current student at USF. Applications are down this year. Reach out if you have anymore questions.