Please help


<p>I have a 4.83 GPA and a 27 ACT. My senior schedule consists of all AP classes. I got accepted to U of I during priority admissions to the Division of General Studies since I did not get into the College of Business. Now that I had time to think about it, I would actually like to go into LAS Economics or ACES. This would mean I have to give up my spot at DGS, so if I don't get into my choice, I cannot get into U of I. What are my chances of getting into LAS Economics or ACES? Thanks.</p>

<p>i don't think transferring to las econ and aces is that hard. you would have to meet the entrance requirements. check with those college websites.</p>

<p>I'm currently in LAS biology and am looking into transferring into LAS Econ so I emailed an advisor over there and she said as long as you complete the pre reqs (ECON 102, 103, 202, and 203) and have the minimum GPA (which I think is a 2.5) you will get in. I'm not sure about ACES but I don't think you'd have a problem getting in.</p>