Please help....

<p>I really need your help... I don't know where to apply, or how to get into any university/college. I think you could advise me in a better way, since you seem to know more about the admission process. I'll list my stats:</p>

<p>19 years old (b-day sep 15)
International student from Ecuador
SAT: 720 math / 620 verbal (will retake on april)
SAT II: 660 math IIc, 690 physics, 600 writing (will retake as soon as possible)
GPA: 3.3
Intended Major: Physics/Mathematics</p>


<p>I went for 3 semesters to a local college back in Ecuador. I obtained some credit:</p>

<p>Integral Calculus: B
Differential Equations:A
Discrete Mathematics: D
Multivariable Calculus: D
Complex Analysis: C
Physics Lab I: A</p>

<p>Very poor GPA (bad experience there, had a lot of problems)</p>

<p>IB dipploma: 33 pts.</p>

<p>English B SL: 7
Computer Science SL: 6
Math Methods SL: 5
History HL : 4
Literature HL: 6
Physics HL: 5</p>

<p>As you can see, chances are that most schools will reject me. But I really want to enroll somewhere, I'll retake my SATs to something above 1450 (M+Cr) and also take SAT IIs and maybe enroll in some community college this spring term. So please, could you advise some good schools? assuming i have great essays and can get at least one good rec?</p>

<p>I count on you/... thanks!</p>

<p>stats are a bad way to choose schools. Think about the kind of school you want...where you want to be, what kind of atmosphere the school has, programs that interest you.</p>