Please Help

<p>I'm looking to go into business though I’m also interested in engineering. I think I could get good recommendations, have good essays but I'm not sure where i should apply to. Please help!!</p>

<p>Basic stats:
Sat I – 1420 (740 math, 680 verbal)
Sat II –750 math 2C
540 writing (O.o, took without studying, taking again in November)
Physics (taking in November)</p>

<p>GPA – 3.93 weighted
Rank – 46/45 of 498</p>

<p>AP’s – US history 4
Senior year
US Government
Macro Econ
Calc AB</p>

<p>EC –
2004 world finalists for NASA’s space settlement design competition
Science club (treasurer) 3 years
Science Olympiad 3 years
Science bowl 3 years
Academic Decathlon 2 years
Exchange student to Japan 2003
Have played clarinet in band 7 years
Tutoring club, city student club, key club</p>

<p>Random stuff (I don’t know if this helps)
I’ve built a 12-foot catapult for fun…
Worked part time for a real estate company</p>

<p>Colleges looking at
UPenn, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Virginia, USC, Stanford
Or are there any others I should think about?</p>