Please Help!!

<p>I am a junior in HS, i am expected to get around a 1250 for my SAT's and am planning on taking the ACT's (28-30). I dont have any SAT II's mainly because many of the schools i want will take the ACT instead and dont even reccoment the SAT II. But anyway, I have a 3.8 GPA 2nd decile in a VERY competative high school in Clarkstown New York (first decile starts at 4.1 and goes to 4.7....HOW SICK IS THAT!?!?!) ok well...ive taken a pretty tough courseload through HS...heres what im working with</p>

<p>8th grade (high school classes)</p>

<p>English 9h
Math 1h

Bio H, Math II H, Principles of Engineering, English 10, CAD, Spanish II, Global History H</p>

<p>*CAD-computer aided design, engineering course</p>

Chemistry, Math III, English 11, Spanish III, CAD II, Global History H (2nd part), Critical Health Issue (Honors Health course)</p>

AP Physics, Spanish 200-201 H, Math 12 (Pre Calc), AP American History, College Business Law H, Social Physc, Public Speaking, Journalism (English electives because i finished a year early)</p>

<p>Senior (courses im taking)
AP Micro economics, AP Macro, Calc Honors, AP Stats, AP Bio, AP art history, AP Lit, Public Policy H (required for graduation)</p>

<p>I also do alot of extracurricular stuff including:</p>

<p>Ambulance Corps (over 1500 hours of community service) achieved NYS certification through a 4 month course) I have been Secretary of the youth corps there, 1st Liutenant, and now captain. </p>

<p>started a youth chapter of the American Red Cross...first ever in my county we organize blood drives and do courses for the little ones (more community service in addition to the 1500)</p>

<p>JSA for 2 years, president and vice president of Engineering Club for 2 years, President of Red Cross for 2 years, National Honor Society for a year, science achievement award, Social Studies achievement award (3 years), Math National Honor society (Mu Alpha Theta), Spanish Honor Society. Citizenship Award, Whos Who Among American HS students (3 years). I also played hockey for 2 years in HS</p>

<p>ok so thats my 4 years in a are the schools im lookin at, please be honest about my chances and if you can offer sum schools i may have looked over...or if im reaching to high or not high enough...btw i want to do bio (looking to get into medical school but dont want to limit myself by taking Pre-Med...that was the advice of a few doctor friends)</p>

<p>American Univ.
George Washington Univ.
Villanova Univ.
Virginia Tech
James Madison
Boston University
Lehigh Univ.
Loyola in Maryland
Univeristy of Richmond


SUNY binghamtom

<p>thanx for your help!</p>

<p>please respond!</p>

<p>ok, i saw this before but didnt respond. u dont need a sarcastic comment.i have to give uprops on the 1500+ community service hours. i myself have 750+ in the last two years. your scores arnt "high", so if anyone says anything about them, tell them to go shoot themselves, i think they are good for your schools of choice. your ec's are great. u show depth and not breadth. good luck to you in anywhere u go, and even though its cliche, they schools that reject you must really be pretty dumb, and therefore dont deserve you. keep up the good work</p>

<p>Doogie -</p>

<p>My daughter will be going off to College in the fall and she looked at some of the same schools. It is wise of you to do this early. No one on this board or anywhere else for that matter can tell you if your safety schools are really safe, college admissions can be so random. When we toured Villanova the admissions director who did the presentation said the most difficult seat to get at Villanova is Biology because that is what all the pre med students take. The second most difficult seat is Liberal Arts if you are a female. For this year - Marist gave $6000. per year in merit money to students who scored 1200 or above on the SAT's. I think Marist is a good school and getting better. My daughter did not like it's location. Good luck to you, and remember to apply early!</p>