Please help

<p>I have 3 D's throughout my freshman, sophomore year. Through out my junior year i was able to maintain a B average. Im trying to get into NC state Management by all means. So my question is will my senior year grades make any difference on my admission into NC STATE? If not should i apply to NC STATE undecided first than transfer my major? (This has to be a last option)</p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>If the School of Management is entirely separate from the College of Arts and Science, you'll probably have to take the five-year-track (happened to my friend's sister with State's design school). </p>

<p>As to your grades, the upward trend is promising and, coupled with decent SATs, could get you an offer of admission. But nonetheless, D's are D's. Is there any reason for them other than laziness?</p>

<p>Yea, A very dear friend of mine died due to a suicide. Because of that i was very emotional and distracted. However, i got my grip towards the end of the 1st semester</p>

<p>what do you mean by a 5year track?</p>

<p>S's roommate started out in First Year College and easily transitioned into College of Management for soph. year. He graduated in four years. It's doable.<br>
First Year College is def, easier to gain admittance into. Also you get the great perk of living in Tucker or Owen Halls for freshman year.<br>
So if you end up applying for FYC, don't worry about it. It won't hurt your chances of getting into College of Management.</p>

<p>yes, senior year grades will/can make a difference. Do your best. If admissions were to defer or waitlist you, those grades will be a deciding factor. They do matter. </p>

<p>Also its extremely easy to transfer in COM (or pretty much any major except engineering, get a gpa above 3.0 and then just fill out paperwork).</p>

<p>College of natural resources or college of textiles is easiest to get into at state (don't let them tell you otherwise) and then you can transfer. I transferred after my freshman year into COM and will have no problem graduating in 4 years.</p>

<p>hey if you don't get in attend as non degree seeking student make good grades and then apply there where lots of people at NC states transfer orientation who had done this.</p>