PLease lie and tell me I have a chance even if I don't

<p>Okay, I've posted in other forums and no one ever really replies, so I'll give tufts a shot...
1370 on SAT (660V, 710M)... I'm retaking in december. Just took a practice test today, I got a 750M and somehow managed to get a 610V, if my score goes down in verbal and up in math, can I take my highest from each sitting?
I'll take the new SAT's in the spring, guessing around 2100 based on practice ones. I haven't even begun to think about SAT II's...
Class rank is 1/~200 :)
GPA is 97/100 taking hardest course available
Will have taken AP US, AP Calc AB, AP Bio, AP English, AP Spanish (self study), and AP Music Theory (self study) by graduation.
EC's: Study of trumpet for 8 years...concert band pres, and brass section leader, jazz ensemble, youth symphony orchestra, all county and area all state bands, NYSSMA solo festival, private lessons, paid performances, various awards for it too ~ my most significant E.C., I will write an essay about it, study of piano for 9 years, peer leadership (service group) co-president, yearbook editor, student council treas., Mathletes Team, National honor society
Voluteering: Not a lot, about 50-75 hours by graduation tutoring and helping out with community and church stuff
No sports or work expreience
White male, from not-very-competitive high school in ny state (<50% go to 4 year schools)
Awards: Not a ton, Student of the month's, Student of the year's-math and music, highest score in school on AMC test, didn't qualify for AIME though
Planning to study psychology and minor in mathematics, with some music courses thrown into the mix possibly
Assuming my essays and rec's are all on par with every one else's, would I have a chance at tufts and other schools of equal caliber?</p>

<p>yes, they take the highest scores from either part of the sat. if your sat 2's are 700+ and your essays and recommendations are good, you have a good chance of admission to tufts. your sats are decent, your class rank and grades with toughest curriculum offered are excellent and you have wonderful, dedicated ecs in music. make sure you have the 4's and 5's on the AP tests to back 'em up. also, do visit tufts or show some real interest in some other way. tufts has a reputation for denying admission to kids with great stats if they think they are being used as a safety.</p>

<p>and that ain't no lie. :)</p>

<p>Cool, thanks JJsmom, I needed some words of encouragement badly. I really have an interest in tufts, so if I do get denied, it won't be because I'm overqualified, hehe. Anyway, does everyone else generally agree with her on my chances?</p>

<p>Um, you have a chance :)</p>

<p>I also agree that you have a good chance. Good luck!</p>