Please make some judgments about my scores and what to do

<p>First taking:

<p>Second taking:

<p>(UGH 10 away from each)</p>

<p>I am applying to HYP, as well as some others, and the second set is definitely closer to where I want to be. I want t 1500 however, so I need a little more than a 100 point increase. I've taken the 10 Reals, where can I get more tests (anyone here willing to sell?) to practice? Besically I need to get 10 more questions right and I'll have a good shot at HYP.</p>

<p>Thanks- I know incredible improvements are possible with study. HELP!</p>

<p>Bump............... . . . . . . . .</p>

<p>:one on one- kewl cd computer thingy
:check library? my public has plenty of SAT prep books
:orchestrate having a friend buy one book and you another; when both are finished, switch- oviously more the better</p>

<p>what the hell happened to my capital "oh"s??!!!??!!?!</p>

<p>lol i thought you did the happy faces on purpose. </p>

<p>scherzo, I think you can improve a lot, but don't equate a certain score with whatever chance at hyp...a lot of other factors come into play too, so don't over obsess about scores</p>