Please please chance me

<p>Could anyone please chance me for the following colleges :-</p>

<p>HYP, Dartmouth, Amherst, Williams, Middlebury, Hamilton, Bates</p>

<p>Preferred major : History or Political Science or Philosophy</p>

<p>Career goals: Politics</p>

<p>Essay 1: How a deep family crisis since late 2010 shaped my political ideology, ambition and goals, why I feel that the present Indian socio economic structure needs to overhauled and how would a top liberal arts college in the US help me to develop into a dynamic political leader.</p>

<p>Common App Additional Information: Synopsis of my books and details of my awards. I also say that 2011 was a jinxed year and I underachieved in both my boards and SAT but I will definitely score a 2400 in three SAT subject test ( 1 in US history - a subject which I don't have much knowledge since it is not taught in Indian schools ) just to prove that the jinxed year is over and I am back to my very best.</p>

<p>Additional Essay ( Sent to all of the colleges through email ): A memorable trip to my ancestral village where I discovered that I belonged to the family of the first democratically elected leaders ( 11th century ) of modern Indian and the Naxal threat.</p>

<p>( Princeton essay - How as a child I was obsessed with Hitler due to same childhood circumstances but later understood how evil he was, Amherst essay - How I formed the student's union of my school after a hard fought battle, Williams essay - An excerpt from my diary describing the scene when I could see my broken ancestral house through the rikshaw and comparing with my own life situation )</p>

<p>Recommendations - All my three teachers would most probably speak about my intelligence, love for social sciences, political ambitions, nationalism and my brilliant leadership qualities and visionary mind which helped me to bring sweeping changes to the school's functioning and helped it to become a top class school.</p>

<p>Additionally My counselor has promised me to add a note why my board results slipped even though I was a class topper throughout my academic career. </p>

<p>Class IX - 90+, Class X - 87.5 ( A1s in all subject except french ) , Class XI - 90+, even 90+ in Class XII preboards ( I requested my counselor to send every single score including preboards with my transcripts so that the colleges know I was never a bad student. )</p>

<p>Class XII CBSE - 77 % ( Yet CBSE topper in English and among the top 3 scorers of my school in Maths )</p>


<p>President and founder of Student union of my school
President of student government
President and Founder of Youth Bank
President and founder of Eco Club
President and founder of school disciplinary committee
Founder of various extracurricular clubs for students
President, Founder, Speaker of Economics and Political club of my school
RWA President
Teacher of adult literacy campaign
Teacher ( Maths, Social Sciences and Painting ) for underprivileged kids
Chief Artist and group leader of our school's art club ( won many painting competitions )
A few more but Common App only allows 10 .... </p>

<p>My SAT Score very poor - 2030 ( Only 660 in Maths - a subject in which I never scored less than 95 :-( :-( ).</p>

<p>But the biggest problem is - My father's income is very very low and I would need a full ride. ( But the saving grace is that HYP, Dartmouth and Amherst are need blind, Williams and Middlebury are almost need blind and Bates and Hamilton are generous )</p>

<p>I was reading about the holistic process American Universities use to evaluate applicants .. And I felt I might have a bit of a chance in these extremely competitive schools.. What do you people feel as you really know the system.</p>

<p>Even US History books I am reading for the SAT subject tests speak how America is a nation where dreams can be fulfilled .. So I hope the Adcoms also put faith on my dreams.</p>

<p>... Can someone please chance me.</p>

<p>As financial aid is an issue for your family, you might want to narrow down your list to colleges that are "need blind" for international students. For example, according to the Middlebury website: Financial</a> Aid | Middlebury</p>

<p>"The College follows a need-blind admission policy for domestic students . . . In the case of international students, Middlebury follows a need-aware admissions policy."</p>

<p>See: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
and <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks, I have already applied to the need-aware colleges.</p>

<p>Now I am just hoping for the best.</p>

<p>Can someone honestly let me know what to expect in March.</p>

<p>As you did not list your SAT Critical Reading or Writing scores -- your Math score is equivalent to that of a recruited athlete at HYP. So, realistically, for HYP, my guess is that it would be a long shot.</p>

<p>Harvard:<a href=""&gt;;/a>
(page 9): your 660 in Math is far below Harvard's 25th percentile of 700 in Math.</p>

<p>Yale: [Common</a> Data Set (CDS) | Office of Institutional Research<a href="page%209">/url</a>: your 660 in Math is far below Yale's 25h percentile of 710 in Math.</p>

<p>Princeton:<a href=""&gt;](&lt;a href=""&gt;;/a>
(page 9): your 660 in Math is far below Princeton's 25h percentile of 710 in Math.</p>

<p>Sorry, but just being realistic. You might stand a better chance at the rest of your schools. Best of luck to you!</p>

<p>You chances are very low at all the schools you have mentioned. sorry. Suggest you lower your sights.</p>

<p>It's extremely difficult to judge someone's chance based on an online post because all of your evaluations of your teachers' recommendations and the quality of your essays are fundamentally subjective, therefore next to useless for chance purposes. Since you're an international student, most of us posters on this board would not be familiar with the structure, grading policy, and opportunities available at your school, so we can't judge these in context as an adcom would either...</p>

<p>Are you international? Based on your very brief info, I think you should be confident you will get into at least one school. You're definitely "in the game" for all of the schools. Beyond that, it's difficult for anyone to judge, especially someone who is not an admission officer, to judge your application like this. Ironically, one really needs to read the essays, the short answer, the evaluations, and maybe some notes from an interviewer to make a confident call - not so much the exact test scores and grade points. I don't think you should expect anyone to provide an accurate answer here. Best of luck.</p>

<p>Edit: test scores are somewhat low. Usually English related sections are forgivable for a few points on second language students. Are you applying this year or next? If your Math 660 is the lowest score, and your other tests are above 700, then you won't be terribly affected... high English scores on internationals is more impressive than high Math scores. Usually lower test scores are not as bad as a low transcript. 2030 is nonetheless within range.</p>

<p>Adding to what Gordon said, make sure to take the TOFEL and finish all the other admission requirements before applying (if you haven't already). Use fee waivers for need blind schools if you qualify, because that'll cut down on the cost of applications significantly.</p>

<p>I mean, you wrote about how you loved Hitler as a kid for one of your essays...uh....</p>

<p>My english scores are fine.</p>

<p>I expect an 800 on SAT Maths IIC. I am confident I did not make a single mistake. ( I just don't know what happened that day. How could I score so low on a subject that has always been my strength ).</p>

<p>All of the colleges have approved my fee waiver.</p>

<p>Finally as a child I was inspired by the rise of Hitler but as I grew up I understood how evil he was - a monster who killed millions. My growing maturity and how I developed passion for politics and nationalism are the theme of that essay.</p>

<p>I can PM my email address to someone who could look at my complete application ( Except the LORs which I do not have ) and then let me know my chances.</p>

<p>A big thanks to everyone for your valuable advice.</p>

<p>Anirudha1993, Have you had any interviews and how have they gone? I realize that if you are an international applicant this may be difficult. I'm surprised that you chose the essay that you did for Amherst. There is one regarding JFK and his dedication of the Robert Frost Library, less than 4 weeks before his assassination. It would have provided a nice contrast with your Hitler topic and essay, within the body of your work that you have presented in this post . . . also it would be a chance for you to bring out your political aspirations with Kennedy's love and respect for public service and his message to Amherst students, on that day, to be involved and use their knowledge for the good of the US. Afterall, Amherst is one of just a few schools that is need blind to international students--you may have missed an opportunity there. You have lots of leadership roles - I would like to know what kind of leader you are, how well you work with people and collaborate? That is huge in learning today, as is simply how you "join with others". That is vital to have embedded, in order to get the critical mass needed to work towards and approximate your vision. I have more than 10 years of elected public service under my belt. You have to be able to listen and speak for people. Speak for someone in a way that you would want them to speak for you. i believe you need to bring out 3 or 4 principles that are vital to your leadership style and system, and show how you include others in that process - make it participatory. Leadership essays that are inclusive are very revealing and can show fidelity. Admissions is not an exact science. You need to get buy in from admissions, as you do when you lead a group of people, or project. Good luck! Mr. VC</p>

<p>@mrvc - I am sorry sir but I haven't written.
about " Hitler " on the Amherst essay. I wrote it for the Princeton supplement.</p>

<p>For the Amherst essay I have written how I garnered the support of my school to create the student's union. I guess the essay does contain a glimpse of the leader that I was.</p>

<p>Further through my application I want to prove to the colleges that I could become a dynamic politician in the future only if HYPSAW molds me into one by developing my good leadership skills and political ideas.</p>

<p>Lastly I know Hitler is evil and I detest nazism and fascism but I did develop my public speaking skills by listening to his speeches for hours and hours. </p>

<p>I am sure that my recommendations will also speak about my oratory, organizing skills and administrative skills. </p>

<p>I hope the colleges through their holistic approach understand the real theme of my application - I want to become a politician and I want them to help me develop into a good one.</p>

<p>My application is not about grades and scores but about my dreams and passions which might sound humongous today but might very well be possible tomorrow. That is why I have started my essay with the quote " Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. "</p>

<p>I know 2030 is a very very low score and I do not deserve a seat on the basis of merit because of the more accomplished candidates who have applied. But I have a dream for the future and if they take a risk by investing on my dream I might be able to fulfill my dream and create history.</p>

<p>History proves that many a great leader were not always ' A ' students.</p>

<p>And why I applied to the US because it is the only nation in the whole world where a student has a chance at the best university with relatively low scores. It is only possible in America. A nation where dreams really come true. I have full faith on the holistic approach of these colleges.</p>

<p>@mrvc - Sir, I couldn't write about JFK with such authority because as an Indian candidate I was not very familiar with JFK and his ideas because we are taught very little about the American history.</p>

<p>Since I have taken the US History subject test I know much more about American leaders, politics and culture. But when I applied I thought that sharing my own story on why I felt that my school needed a strong student's union for its healthy growth and how I won the support of my teachers and student's eventhough they were reluctant at first would be a better idea. </p>

<p>Through the brief account of my leadership positions you might see that I created a strong chain of organizations within my school like the Student's union, youth bank, disciplinary commitee, extracurricular clubs etc which made my school one of the best in my city. And the fact that I always won the elections with landslide margin proves that students loved me.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the advice, motivation and support.</p>

<p>I know my case is weak and the competition is huge. I would feel sad if I don't get accepted anywhere but I will take it in my stride.</p>

<p>Sadly my weak financial circumstances did not permit me to apply at safe colleges. So I had to apply only at need blind and need aware schools.</p>

<p>Just hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.</p>

<p>Anirudha1993, I understand that you wrote what you did to Princeton and not Amherst. I was referring to the body of your post. I was just suggesting that if you had wrote something about JFK, as well as Hitler, you could have shown some balance by noting two very distinct leaders on the continuum. Also, JFK remains an icon in Mass., and for Amherst admissions given their inclusion of his words as part of an essay question. You might have benefitted by doing a little research on JFK and writing about him. As a leader, you would have naturally gleaned out some of his most significant leadership principles as you did the research. </p>

<p>Mine is not to discount your strengths as a candidate for any of these schools. I hope that you gain admission to any, while I believe that Bates may not be the best place for you. Rather, I hope to explore with you about how you join others in the efforts in which you have led, or have served in a leadership role. I am happy to hear that you do well with popular votes. The reason may not be that "they love me" it may be that they are listening to you, and that your message is being heard, and is clear. Those things provide you the landslide - people are listening to you. Now that you have their "ear", what do you do with it? To me, those are things that you write about or note especially if your ambition is towards a political future. And regarding success, while I can't put my finger on the specific study, an extremely accomplished Boston-area college administrator and school leader once shared with me a study that said it is the students ranked "16 - 75th" who do the best in life, and by far. You have a very solid record. Don't focus on areas that you think you are short on. Always . . . always . . . build strength upon strength! That will take care of the weaknesses or areas of improvement. 2030 is a very respectable score. You can't always shoot for the moon and get it all. Strive to be in the game, and then stay in it, and build strength upon strength. Good luck! Mr. VC</p>

<p>@Mr VC - A heart felt thank you. Everyone here at CC is really motivating me. You are right I should focus on my strengths. My strengths are good leadership and administrative qualities and not bringing a 2400 on the SATs.</p>

<p>I really loved your 16th-75th comment. Its so true.</p>