Please Please Do See This! How Are My Chances For Upenn? (not Wharton)

<p>I'm an Asian (Korean), and I'm attending an International School in Vienna, Austria.
I was came to Austria in my junior year, and think that I have been good academically, considering that I had adjust to the new system.
It's not my first time abroad, I have lived in Panama for 1-5th grade (elementary).</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8/4.0
Class Rank: 4/70
SAT: Reading 720/ Writing 760/ Math 800
SAT II: Math II C 800/ Chem (haven't got scores back)/ World History (taking it on Dec)
Gender: Male</p>

<p>Full IB program (all courses basically IB)
IB English A1 HL II (hardest native english class)
IB History HL II
IB Economics SL II
IB Chemistry SL II
German II (non-IB)
IB Theory of Knowledge II</p>

strong involvement in MUN (11,12th)-was the ambassador for the conference
National Honors Society (12th)
Math Team-8th place in competition (out of 180 nerds)
Amnesty International
Chess Club
Voluntary Health service(9,10th)-leader
Class President (10th)-in Korea</p>

<p>I got straight 'highest' honor rolls last year.</p>

<p>How are my chances for UPenn?</p>

<p>whats your predicted for the IB??? thats really what determines your chances...and are u applying for financial aid? that also is impprtant</p>

<p>"I was came to Austria"</p>

<p>Please work on your grammar and make sure your essays are checked by a native speaker - mistakes like this can be costly.</p>

<p>Sorry dude..anyone can make a simple grammar mistake..."I came to Austria"
Have you not made a single mistake in your life?
My counselor says she can't tell me the exact predicted score, but I'll ask her my range in Monday..
I'm not applying for Financial aid..</p>