Please Please grade my essay frm the range of 2-6:)

<p>''Each fresh crisis is an opportunity in disguise''</p>

<p>A positive attitude is essential for a happy and content life.Only with a positive attitude can one see a crisis as an opportunity.Influential and powerful people have often proved it.
A fight with a co-worker might seem like a crisis but it instead can be an opportunity to communicate with him/her effectively and build a healthy relationship.
An unsatisfied customer stormed inside the bakery of my friend's father and showed his agitation.My friend's father saw this crisis as an opportunity to improve the quality of his bakery production by listening to the complaints of the customer patiently.
During the Old Regime of France,the system of priveleges by biert prevailed and only the third estate which comprised of the working class was supposed to pay taxes.When the king,Louis xvi,planned to increase the taxes ,many people saw this as a crisis.The crisis aggrandized when the king refuted the idea of bringing true democracy in the meeting,in which the law of increasing taxes was to be passedThis crisis actually paved way for France to become a constitutional monarchy and do away with the system of priveleges, abig step towards the road of democarcy and equality.
Thus,a crisis can actually change one's life for the better if one tries to look up for ooportunities which can unlocked from the facade of a crisis.</p>

<p>I would give it a 5... I like the language and the structure of the essay, but isn't is a bit short? Or maybe it depends for which university you are applying too, with different 'rules'.
Also, if you are submitting it online, be carefull with "passedThis" and "abig" which are typing errors, nonetheless I think the essay is good and it also reflects the proposition.</p>

<p>Is this a College Essay? Or an SAT Writing Essay? Because this is the tone for the SAT essay and certainly not the College essay :P</p>

<p>I have to agree with Drelnis on this one it doesn't really carry the tone of a College essay.</p>

<p>I think you should (or should have, if you are already done :P) get rid of some of the examples to make room for more analysis. Get more detailed.</p>

<p>Your introduction is a touch cliche, as well. It kinda looks like you stole three sayings from a coupla hallmark cards.</p>