Please please please chance me. I'm freaking out a little bit here.

<p>Please chance me for Barnard, Brandeis, George Washington University, Vassar, Skidmore, Muhlenberg and Oberlin!</p>

<p>I'm a middle class, white, Jewish girl from a large, competitive public high school in New York.</p>

SAT I: 2050. Reading-740, English-670 Math-640 (I'm taking it again, and I really hope to raise it to my PSAT score of 2110.)
SAT II: Literature- 760 US History-710
ACT: 33 Reading: 34, English/Writing- 31, Math-30, Science-32
GPA- 3.6
We don't rank.
AP: World History (4), European History (5), US History (4), Lang & Comp (4)
Senior Year: English Lit, Biology, US Gov, Microeconomics, Calc AB</p>

Four years of theater. Heavy, heavy involvement. Hours and hours and hours spent on shows. A few years of theater camp.
Four years of speech and debate. I've won a lot of small awards, and I REALLY hope to win a few larger ones this year. Two summers of speech camp.
Metropolitan Youth Chorale (2 years), Jazz Choir (3 years), A Capella Choir (1 year)
Two years in a student leadership group. I volunteered at places such as my local JCC and at the Ronald McDonald House. I also participated in a program using theater to reach out to disadvantaged children.
One year of volunteering at the library of my temple.
2 years of SADD Improv, a group that presented skits to younger children about life issues such as drugs, social problems, and pressure.
Several years of NYSSMA in violin, piano, and voice.
2 years of literary magazine.</p>

<p>Essays: If I can ever get started, hopefully really good!
Recommendations- should be good!
interviews: That's a strong point of mine. </p>

<p>I'm freaking out that I'm reaching way too high because of my low GPA. I messed up in high school and I'm planing on getting all As my first semester of senior year, but I'm really nervous when it comes to college. Please chance me!</p>

<p>Your stats look great thus far. Barnard and Vassar are reaches, but only because they've had ridiculously high amounts of applicants. Vassar will also be a reach because you are a girl and they've (over the past few years) been trying to get the genders equaled out (so men have higher admission rates).</p>

<p>All of the rest, I would say, are matches.</p>

<p>Oh, and even though they are your strong points, interviews don't really help or hurt you. I about this recently. (Though they are starting to use interviewers as well as essays to figure out if you are a psychological risk.)</p>


<p>Really? I always thought that interviews never really hurt you that much (unless you're a psycho) but could always boost your chances slightly...</p>

<p>Chances same as 1000Bpm, except most likely acceptance from GW.</p>