Please rate me for competition

<p>I am an international master student in a top school of Canada. I am going to apply this fall for PhD in chemistry.
I get a 3.86 GPA here. I have gotten two fellowships from university and two conference scholarships. For the publication, I have only one second author review chapter now. My first own paper is under review. And I will submit three more papers before application.
I also have some conference papers, some of them are submitted in top conferences in the field of chemistry, although I do not know whether they count. I have a chemistry gre at 96%, and 2002 general gre of 2200.
I can get good recs from my university. Especially, my advisor said I am his best graduate student up to now. Could you please rate me for top chemistry graduate schools in US? Thanks!</p>

<p>I would imagine you're a decent to good canadate, but yeah . . . i don't know.</p>