Please rate my chances at Berkeley

<p>Hey guys, I'd appreciate it if you could spend a few moments rating my chances. I am in state, btw.</p>

-1440 SAT1(780M, 660V)
-640 Math1c SAT2(will retake)
-640 Biology SAT2
-580 Writing(Ugh, bad day, will retake)</p>

-Red Cross Club and member(2)
-Make a Wish Club(2)
-Eco Club(3)
-Indian Club(4)
-Improv Club(4)
-Robotics Club(1)
-Key Club(1)</p>

<p>Volunteering and Miscellaneous
-160 hours with UCLA Medical Center Volunteering Program(Research with chief pathologist[basically shadowing]) over two summers
-School Honor Roll(4)
-Golden State Award in Algebra
-Scholar Athlete(4)
-Model UN(1)
-Peer Tutor - 25 hours(probably will add more this year)
-School Ping Pong Champion
-"California Distinguished School"</p>

<p>-Top 25% out of 570 students
-3.9 UC GPA</p>

<p>Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it!</p>

<p>your gpa is a little low and you dont have any major ecs besides the hospital. Id call berkeley a reach for you but it is attaniable.</p>

<p>Is what I'm thinking right now, as well. Thanks for the opinion, anyone else?..</p>

<p>Given your SAT scores, I'd apply to schools that are even better than Berkeley. Just make sure you improve on that writing score because that will probably count as a knock against you. The above poster is correct about your GPA because the average GPAs of incoming freshman hovered around 4.2 back when I was a freshman. In addition, you might want to stress your involvement in the shadowing experience at UCLA in your essay because it seems like your list of extra-curriculars doesn't show that much depth of involvement. Honestly, I would apply to Brown, Cornell, and maybe even Columbia if I were in your shoes. Berkeley is a great school and you'd probably save a lot of money by coming here since you're an in-state student. However, I think you could probably stand a decent chance at the Ivies or other comparable schools. Just make sure you keep your options open and apply to multiple UCs since the UC system uses a single application. I remember some horror stories back in senior year of high school because some students were a little too confident and only applied to Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD. Best of luck to you and I hope you have a great freshman experience if you decide to matriculate to Berkeley. Here's rootin' for ya. </p>

<p>Berkeley Class of '06</p>

<p>I agree with the writing score- that's below the 25th percentile for fall 2004 freshman</p>

<p>Thanks a lot privatejoker, that really helped. I will probably raise my writing score by much and my math 1c score a little as well, so that shouldn't be a problem for much longer, hwtf. </p>

<p>Thanks for the opinions guys, I'm still open for more..</p>

<p>Am pretty much in agreement with the other posters, but keep in mind the stats are just that and not a predicter of your chances. Historicallly, about 8% of the students who apply with a GPA in the 3.70 to 3.99 range are admitted. That said, my S was admitted (freshman this year) with a 3.9x and lower SAT 1 scores than yours. I don't remember his SAT II scores. Statistically, he had a better chance at UCSD, but was not admitted there, nor at UCLA. Clearly, the CAL adcom saw what a great, interesting, fabulous guy he is (but I digress). </p>

<p>Good luck.</p>