Please rate my chances at LA

<p>Hey guys, I'd appreciate it if you could spend a few moments rating my chances. I am in state, btw.</p>

-1440 SAT1(780M, 660V)
-640 Math1c SAT2(will retake)
-640 Biology SAT2
-580 Writing(Ugh, bad day, will retake)</p>

-Red Cross Club and member(2)
-Make a Wish Club(2)
-Eco Club(3)
-Indian Club(4)
-Improv Club(4)
-Robotics Club(1)
-Key Club(1)</p>

<p>Volunteering and Miscellaneous
-160 hours with UCLA Medical Center Volunteering Program(Research with chief pathologist[basically shadowing]) over two summers
-School Honor Roll(4)
-Golden State Award in Algebra
-Scholar Athlete(4)
-Model UN(1)
-Peer Tutor - 25 hours(probably will add more this year)
-School Ping Pong Champion
-"California Distinguished School"</p>

<p>-Top 25% out of 570 students
-3.9 UC GPA</p>

<p>Thanks again guys, I really appreciate it!</p>

<p>Check my reply to your other thread located in "What Are My Chances?".</p>