Please Read Asap!

<p>I’m a Amh C. prosie and I need some help… For my independet study in anatomy I’m doing three surveys: one based on parents/staff at my school, one “chain mail” survey based on my teacher’s friends/age group, and another “chain mail” survey based on my friends/age group.
So… can you please take this survey for me, it will take approx. 10-15 min, then send it to your friends, they send it to their friends, etc.??? (the info cannot be traced back to you and I won’t use it for purposes unrelated to my class) I wanna see how far this can go! </p>

<p>Here is the link:
[Diseases</a> and their Symptoms **](<a href=“]Diseases”></p>

<p>Thanks a bunch

<p>Does this post qualify as spam/advertisement?</p>

<p>Just so you guys know, I posted this survey all over this site (I am really an Amherst prosie) because I have to have 500 people take it by the end of march (only 170ish so far) so I need as many people to see this as possible...
I spent alot of time researching and making the survey, I don't want my teacher to disqualify it just cuz I didn't have enough people to take it
Believe me, I'm not trying to scam anybody! I've made posts on this site many times before. Thanks for helping me out, sorry for the misunderstanding :)</p>

<p>No, it's all right. I saw that you weren't just a spammer who had one post, I just don't know what CC regulations are. Good luck with your survey.</p>