<p>ok when calculating you Cal state of like San diego state GPA's do u include freshman year, or is it like the UC's who only want Sophomore and Junior year grades in the GPA. PLEASE RESPOND i am dying cuase i sent mine in without freshman year calculated in my GPA. also what would the consequenses and actions following miscalculated GPA on the cal state and sdsu apps.

<p>well for my cal state application with all the classes that met the minimum requierements and the applications own calculator did my gpa. I think you did have to include 9th grade but i'm not sure if it goes into your gpa because my uc gpa is like a 3.9 when my csu is a 3.8 and i did better in 9th grade then all the other years so who knows.</p>

<p>I thought it was without freshmen grades like UC's</p>

<p>Don't even worry. With your transcript, they'll recalculate your GPA.</p>