Please read my essay!!

<p>Please read my essay!
Thank you :)</p>

<p>PM me it :), I'll help.</p>

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<p>ill read it if you want, just PM it, but i am a class of 2012 so if you dont want to its fine.</p>

<p>ill read it. Can u read mine?</p>

<p>PM me, I'll read</p>

<p>I'd love to read it! Send it over :)</p>

<p>Sure, i'll take a look at it :)</p>

<p>I'm an English major and I'll take a look and give you some feedback. Send me a PM.</p>

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<p>I'll gladly help. :)</p>

<p>I'll do it if you want!</p>

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<p>Pm me if you still need help</p>

<p>PM me if you still need a reader</p>

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<p>I'll read yours if you read mine :) Send me a PM</p>