Please read my Why Georgetown? essay- be as mean as possible!

<p>I tell you to be mean beacuse I have no chance at Georgetown unless my essays and recs blow them away, and writing is not my strong suit. I tried my best to make it interesting and unique, which I've found quite difficult for all "Why (generic college) essays, but I am being honest in everything I say in the essay, which I guess is the most important. So tell me to PM you if you feel like helping me out with this.</p>

<p>There is probably going to be grammatical errors and whatnot, but I'm wondering if I should just totally re-do the essay.</p>

<p>I’ll give you some honest feedback. PM me</p>

<p>PM it up! I’ll give it a go.</p>

<p>I’d be willing to read and review it for you, if you PM it…I can’t promise I’ll get right back though lol Our newspaper has to be finished by Friday and I’m Editor-in-Chief, so I have little free time this week :confused: lol</p>

<p>Why (school name here) essays are the hardest to write and hardest to read in my opinion
If you need another opinion though, feel free tos end it on over</p>

<p>PM me and Ill read it</p>

<p>PM me and I’ll definitely read it :slight_smile: good luck!</p>

<p>I am willing to help out as much as i can PM me</p>

<p>You could PM me if you want!</p>

<p>willing to do that</p>

<p>pm meh…i can be mean :)</p>