please review this!

I have posted this in some other treads.
I also appied to JHU.
Please review this and let me know.
I am currently taking 7 courses in my senior year(5 APs).
I got 3 B+s in my 7th semester.
I'm quite worried that 3B+s may impact my admission.
I was really busy with SAT II preparation, college applications, and debate tornaments. I was also heavily involved with community service.
Should I ask my counselor to write this in the mid-year report?</p>

<p>I did JHU CTY program ( 4 writing courses and 1 math course, 8th-9th grade)
Does it help??</p>

<p>My wgpa is slightly higher than 4.0(including 7th semester).
uwgpa is about 3.65.
School doesn't disclose class rank but my counselor says it's 34/350.
My stats:
SATII: Math 2C 800, Bio 800, Literature 780
I have taken 5 APs, 2 Honors during 10th and 11th.
5 APs in my senior year.</p>

<p>My ECs:
-Founder and president of a out-of-school community service club
-varsity debate
-newspaper club editor
-tutored at a math tutoring instutite
-A lot of community service hours.
-Played violin for my church orchestra for 4 years, and also for a local youth orchestra for 2 years.</p>

Nominated as one of the candiates of the Presidential Scholars Program.
National Merit semi-finalist
AP Scholar
National Honor Society
National Foreign Language Society
California Scholarship Federation.
some small awards from debate tornaments</p>


<p>I don't know much about JHU admissions, but you seem like an awfully qualified applicant. There is nothing else you can do now, so just chill, enjoy your senior year, and all will be for the best.</p>

<p>yes mag is rite.
nothing u could do.
nothing we can do.</p>

<p>if ur taking this as a confidence booster, i say u've got a good shot.</p>

<p>i've gotten plenty of more B's, throughout high school, and my sat's werent nearly as spectacular as yours. people really need to stop worring about a few B's
and u prob know this, but u got a great shot</p>