PLEASE!! Runners:Good pre spring track conditioning

<p>I have 3 weeks before spring track. anyadvice on a good conditioning, i have beeen for the last one week lifting weights.</p>

<p>what are your events?</p>

<p>am a distance runner. 800m, 1mile, 2mile</p>

<p>My friend runs distance, and he just runs everyday between seasons... which is kind of an obvious and unhelpful answer =(</p>

<p>My coach told us that we were suppose to have months of base training that consisted of running between 30 to 40 min a day.</p>

<p>But hey, distance is just about building up that endurance... go run.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> <a href=""&gt;;/a> <a href=""&gt;;/a>, I do not believe you are asking the right question on the right board. :)</p>

<p>If you have been running constantly for the past few months you should be good, but if your just starting to get serious about it with three weeks away...theres not much to say...</p>

<p>If you want speed and endurace, sprinting up hills as part of your training once a week. It'll cause running on every type on terrain easier and you'll run faster with longer strides.</p>

<p>yeah as masterus said you should sprint up hills. </p>

<p>for long distance you should run like 4 miles a day to get ready or 5 miles for the upcoming season. i know alot of kids on my track team who are running around towns in the streets even though there is snow on the sidewalks. its nice to go out for the run. track season starts next fri..</p>

<p>ha! I was so close to states as a secondary for a male freshman during Indoor track. I've heard that it's much easier to make states as a girl. If I pused myself, I could have probably made states for the 800. :( I only had to shave off 12 seconds on my 800. Plus, I never use flats, but I've heard that they shave off a few seconds. I'm going to definitely be in states next year with flats.</p>

<p>I can probably make states for the 800, 1600 and 3200 next year.</p>

<p>12 seconds is a lot for the 800.</p>

<p>kiseriam, anything you do will be useful, since if you do anything you'll be ahead of the rest of the game. weight lifting should be more minimal though and running itself should be more of a focus.</p>

<p>What are your times? </p>

<p>I personally am taking a month off, I play sports year round and need a break once in a while. Otherwise I'd go off the deep end.</p>

<p>You really have to run year round. A few weeks off won't hurt you that much, but it'll take a while to get into it again. But yeah, you really need to train year round. There is no quick and easy way to build endurance.</p>