PLEASE share your thoughts on this!!!

hey all!!!
I have a feeling that Duke’s admission officers try to limit the number of applicants interested in Biomedical engineering due to high volume of students expressing an interest in that field.
So, do you guys think writing about why biomedical engineering on my why engineering at duke essay will decrease my chances of getting accepted into Duke???
Thank you all,
Any input will be greatly appreciated…

If you really feel inspired to write a “why biomedical engineering” essay, then write it! Don’t try to game the system. Don’t panic about whether or not you’d lower your chance of admission to Duke; ultimately it’s not something you can actually control (yes, you can tweak your test scores and whatnot, but that’s not my point. I’m saying you can’t directly influence an officer’s decision to accept you).

What you can do besides worrying, though, is write a really good essay that will wow the officers. Good luck!

If you’re not interested in their other engineering programs, write about biomed. If you’re stuck between a couple, pick the other one.