please share your thoughts - reccomend a college(s)

<p>We live in Westchester County, NY and my daughter is looking for a school up to 3 hours away. Cost is an option. She is interested in nursing and education. She is an excellent student, but does not meet ivy criteria. EC are good, she has taken several APs, honors program, etc.</p>

<p>We have looked at SUNY Stony Brook, Binghamton and will see New Paltz soon. We also looked at the College of New Rochelle and Elmira College. We will also visit Ramapo in NJ and Quinnipiac, in CT.</p>

<p>Is there a small school, in - or in close proximity to, an urban environment, within 3 hours of Westchester/NYC that you would reccomend? </p>

<p>I hope I have provided enough info to get started.(and I hope I spelled reccomend correctly!)</p>

<p>Thanks for the help.</p>

<p>Sarah Lawrence!!! It's 50k/year (though supposedly gives excellent financial aid), but it's a great, quirky (and much-revered) liberal arts school 30 minutes outside of NYC. Check it out.</p>

<p>Thank you mtngoat1. I will check it out ASAP!</p>

<p>I've heard very good things about Quinippiac; we looked at it for my daughter for an animal care/vet tech program, but the program itself was not what was required as hers was a very specific concentration.</p>

<p>The facilities and campus were well kept, clean and inviting. The faculty in the discipline we examined were top notch.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure they have a highly regarded nursing program; one or two paths may be a 5 or 6 year masters if I recall from general background.</p>

<p>A drawback was lack of on campus housing... all juniors and seniors were actually required to live off campus. This may have changed since we visited three years ago.</p>

<p>The college is in Hamden, a sister city of New Haven. There are varying thoughts and descriptions of New Haven as a college town. The Yale forum has a few ongoing discussions of that topic. There is in all probability bus service linking to New Haven and MetroNorth rail.</p>

<p>One school that comes to mind is Mercy College. It has a nursing program, but may be a bit "too" close to home. The academics may or may not be a match for your d. Good luck.</p>

<p>Some smaller area schools with nursing majors:
Fairfield U
Simmons (if Boston isnt too far)
The College of New Jersey
U. Delaware (too big?)
U Hartford
Villanova (too far?)</p>

<p>Thank you, all! I checked out Sarah Lawrence - has Masters of Ed. but no nursing, although it sounds like an interesting place and we will probably visit. We are going to visit Quinnipiac soon. I will check out Simmons. Have also heard about Wells. Any thoughts on that one?
I have been to Mercy's campus - found it kind of depressing. The search continues..........</p>

<p>My son is thinking of transferring to SUNY New Paltz. We looked at the school when he was first applying and liked it very much. He ended up attending U of Miami, but doesn't feel it is really the right fit for him. He just sent in an application to NP. It seems to have a lot going for it right now and was just voted the Hottest small state school in America by the 2008 Kaplan/Newsweek “How to Get into College” Guide.</p>

<p>I wish CC had a forum for NP. I wrote in and requested they add one, but haven't heard anything back about it.</p>