Please stop by this post and help me :)

<p>OK, so this is my first time posting anything. i used to just read the post that other people made but i really need advice :)
so i took the November sat yesterday and it was my first time and i think i did okay- not good not bad..
OK so here is what i think i should get 1750<my score<1950, to be honest i think ill get over
1800 but i want at least a 2100 if not 2200.
So here is my question, give me some advice on how to increase?
most importantly Critical reading, 520-600 range (bad), i usually cant answer last 3 or 2 questions and get 12-14/19 on sentence completion. any help would be appreciated :) (ok i lied my highest critical reading is 550 :( )
Writing, i write good essays usually get 9-11 range, and miss like 4-9 multiple choice depends.
so my range is 580-690 range (any help would be appreciated)
Math, My score ranges from 600-700 usually 680. (any help?)
i am a junior in HS with decent-good grades, and i have time but i would really like to retake it in January or march at the latest so that i can focus on my sat subject tests.
so give advice on wHatever you can, it will be GREATLY appreciated!!!
willing to spend 100-200 $ please help me!!!</p>

<p>also english is my second language :)</p>

<p>for the blue book i was stupid and wasted the test by doing random sections:(</p>

<p>Princeton Review is, in my opinion, the best for math. Also, get Dr. Chung's book. You should have no problem with getting close to perfect on math.</p>

<p>CR...I'm still stuck on this one too. I've tried everything, but it's not working. For vocab, use Direct Hits and Barron's 3,500 minidictionary. You won't miss another vocab again.</p>

<p>Writing- use Silverturtle's online guide? Sorry, I'm not very helpful with this one since I've never really had to study for it.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks Alot!! , i thought no on would reply!!! i seriously think that i have the potential of 8oo on math and 750+ on writing and CR i have hope.. thanks alot buddy!
Good luck! i hope u u get a 2400:)</p>

<p>any other opinion ?</p>

<p>Practice. That's all there really is to CR. I started in the 620 range (whatever that was), did all the practice CR in the princeton review and blue book a couple days before the next test (bad idea-you should start earlier haha) and boosted it to a 750. You just start picking up strategies, you know? Like go through and answer all the specific questions first (that give you a line number). Then you will have a general idea about the story, and can probably answer some of the broader questions. Read the answers and figure out what's different about them to see what you should be getting at. Try to avoid actually reading the stories...etc...</p>

<p>so i feel like Princeton review is a good choice, i can probably get that at the library :) thank you meep1234 and i'll try the avoid reading strategy and marking lines thanks!!</p>

<p>what kind of college you trying to get into? 1800 is pretty good lol its not perfect but its pretty good in my book :P</p>

<p>btw my friend got 1140(yes combination of all 3) and he got into UCSD lol I have to admit I was a bit jealous because I got a higher gpa and I got 1470 on my SAT and did not get accepted into UCSD. top colleges arent looking at your grades as much as before since now everyone can get them, they are looking at you community hours, your leadership, you accomplishments, work experience, charity etc we live in a whole new world now.</p>

<p>1140 :0, i wanna go ucsd!! :( not fair lol:P but like i am kinda lacking perfect grades like a 3.8-9 avg 10+11 by the end of this year but the college i am trying to get in to are UCSD, UCLA, BERKERY (:P), ALL ucs except merced lol cause its in the middle of no where :P
i have 200+ community service, volunteer at my church (quick question : i volunteer at my church but its private :( so can i write about it in college apps if i get a signature from owner? cause if that counts thats like 500+ hrs..,) a few clubs here and there, csf 2 yrs, know 5 languages and other minor stuff. thanks! EmperedorMex</p>

<p>and of course some privates and states</p>

<p>any more advice?</p>

<p>lol, yes then you have high chances of getting into UCSD, its highly likely(Lowly Unlikely), he also put he was black which gave him extra points in deciding for his yes race matters too now... but at first he was in the waiting list. his gpa was like a 3.8ish.. i think since freshmen year doesnt count i think his gpa went to a 4.0 .. lol, it could also be that he wrote a good essay. and he talked about how lived in poverty.. he really did.. lol</p>

<p>andddddd my other friend got into UCLA, but she had like a 4.5 or something like that, and also community hours, president of clubs, charity etc, she got like 1560ish on her SAT.. also poverty, mexican points on her acceptance :P and she won the gates millennium scholarship haha, very lucky for her :P </p>

<p>I dont have such a great story as them lol, only here at SDSU lol, I never did community hours lol, but theres one benefit its cheap and fafsa pays for the entire thing, I even got a Sony Vaio :P hahahah</p>

<p>Nice lol! Dang I want scholarship money but since my parents are somewhat poor( lower mid class) every thing in college, well mostly all of it will be financial aid for me. And I am middle eastern..+ points(yay). I moved to US in like 9th grade (would that help lol) and first gen going to college which should help! And honestly IMO I don't think college matters , it's what u do there! But my mom apparently (Asian) wants me to to some uc.. Thanks for the reply!!:)</p>

<p>haha yea no problem :P</p>

<p>just wanted to warn people its not just about the academics that will get you accepted, if a school only uses gpa, SAT/ACT and you classes youve taken in high school then yes, its just all they use..</p>

<p>but if they require essay, and community hours and all that stuff, then theres more factors </p>

<p>yea i can agreel, ppl like steve jobs, bill gates mark zukerberg, they all dropped out of college.. and becamesuper rich.. steve jobs took a calligraphy class, which is what helped him make the standard keyboards we now use.. interesting huh :P</p>

<p>Let's just hope I get a 1950:) so I can focus on my EC's :)</p>

<p>yep good luck :P</p>

<p>U too:) 10char</p>

<p>lol im alreday in college, sdsu remember !! lol, it has to be the greatest school because the mascot is the mighty aztecs :P haha</p>

<p>That doesn't mean u don't need luck :) u have been unlucky with UCSd lol I still can't believe abt the 1140 guy:) yap GL !</p>