Please tell me i have a chance

<p>My Gpa is not so great, 3.3 unweighted, probably 3.7 or 3.8 weighted. I've taken many honors and AP classes. My SAT was 1340 M/CR and my ACT composite is a 32. I have great EC's as well. I'm OOS, but I really want to go to school in Florida. Hopefully I have a decent chance.</p>

<p>UCF average ACT is 26 and average GPA is 3.76. To me you look very competitive.</p>

<p>What state are you from? My GPA was 3.2 weighted, SAT- M/CR was 1180, very few to no EC's, but I'm from Connecticut... So depending on where you live, you could get in with crappy stats like mine... They accepted me in 5 days, applied on 12/8/08 and got accepted on 12/13/08...</p>

<p>But with what you have, you should have no trouble.</p>

<p>I thought my gpa was below average, but I knew my test scores were good. I'm from Michigan btw, so hopefully u guys are right and I will have no problems.
Thanx for your replys</p>

<p>hey, UCF2013's comments made me think about this... In Florida, students with a certain SAT score and GPA, are entitled to a Bright Futures Scholarship. So if you if are above a certain score for both, either 100% or 75% of your college tuition is free to you. And in addition, Florida universities have had to take significant budget cuts this year, and admit fewer students. Do they consider that as they look at whether students are from Florida or OOS. </p>

<p>But your stats look good so I think you'll get in with no problem.</p>

<p>99 percent yes.</p>

<p>The 1 percent being the chance that you messed up your app, committed a felony, have suspensions or something similar.</p>

<p>The GPA and SAT more than suffice.</p>