please think for a solution

<p>I am extremely poor student (son of a labour)
I got admission in top institution of My country(Engineering) on 20,000$scholarship.
Now financial condition of my family is so bad that at my last visit of home my father was weeping in confusion.
extreme povery has made my family to quarrell the whole day.
I am so confused that i could not study for last one week.
Please suggest me how i can help my family.
secondly students of my university are very rich they avoid me because of my poverty
Please tell me what i should do now?
I cant see povert yof my family.
Please give me suggestions.
I want to become a design engineer+businessman but i cant see solutions of my problems
I dont know from where to start designing.
please help me</p>

<p>Just start up a part time business</p>

<p>Financial Aid/Scholarships will help a LOT. Get as many as you can, there are tons.</p>

<p>As for money... just a part time job/start a business. If you work with computers very well do that. Tons of people will pay if you will come fix their computers or teach them something.</p>

<p>Try to find a job if possible. Congratulations on your scholarship</p>

<p>I am very very thankful to you for your interest in my problem
I am planning to learn designing circuits on my own.
I will become a circuit ,project design enginner ultimately.
But problem is that it will take atleast ont to two years to learn it.
Problem is that what do i do in meanwhile.
i am not good at computers
My school is away from city so i cant find any tuition
i think i should participate in essay competition because good argumentative skills will help me in future for any business
Please give me more suggstios.
Give me more ideas
MAY! you get reward!</p>

<p>what the f**k man?! surely designer = zulfiqar-family. Why are you responding to your own thread are you a schizo or something?</p>

<p>there have been a couple people joining, creating multiple accounts and talking to themselves lately...</p>

<p>I don't know what it is.</p>

<p>please try to solve my problem
i shall be thankful to you if you will help me solve my problem