Please, what are my chances?

Female, Caucasian
Graduating HS in 2011
I go to a moderately unknown, crappy public hs</p>

Unweighted GPA: 3.88
Class Rank: 3
Class Size: 400</p>

ACT: 32
SAT II US History- 740
SAT II Chemistry-800
SAT II Math-800
SAT CR: 700
SAT Math: 800
SAT Writing: 740
AP's: four 5's, three 4's, one 2</p>

<p>Other crap:
CTY camp and online courses (like 5 or 6 of them)
A class at my local college in Anatomy and Physiology (got an A)
I am planning on majoring in a math or chemistry field
Volunteer at my local courthouse for Youth Court
Started an acolyte training programme at my church
Went to NOLA by fundraising and cleaned up after Katrina
Level 8 gymnast
Piano for 10 years: NYSSMA level 6 96 three times
Columbia Science Honors Programme
I completely restructured my school's math programme by forcing them to allow sophmores to take AP Statistics and I skipped two grades of math.
My grandfather went to Cornell, a cousin to Yale, and my uncle went to Brown.
I have taken every AP/ honors course that I could fit in my schedule
National Honor Society
National Merit Commended</p>

<p>I'm not the perfect student. I don't get 100's or 800's on everything. I haven't discovered the cure for cancer nor have I built an orphanage in Africa but I do try hard and have a genuine passion for learning and helping others. Please be brutally honest in chancing me!</p>

<p>what schools?</p>

<p>Oops sorry. I left this off the top.</p>

<p>So... Here we go
Johns Hopkins
Binghamton University

<p>You have good test scores, but your EC's are shaky for the top tier school.</p>

<p>I'd say the best chances out of those are Binghampton, RIT, RPI, Brown, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins.</p>

<p>MIT, Penn, Harvard, Yale are reaches.</p>

<p>Best of luck.</p>

<p>I personally think you have too many unknowns and not enough good fits.</p>

<p>Don't count on acceptances from Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Brown, UPenn, Dartmouth or MIT</p>

<p>Do you have any ideas for good fits? I feel like there aren't many schools between Ivy Leagues and like state schools.</p>

<p>I'm not so sure for your intended major(s). Try the College Search forum and you'll get better help than I can give you. Just copy your OP here and say you're looking for some ideas for match schools.</p>

<p>Not really sure that your cousin going to Yale is going to help you out. But I do think you have a good shot at the ivies if you write good essays and really show that you are passionate about a specific topic.</p>

<p>are you considering any UCs? Berkeley and LA seem like good targets for you.</p>

<p>I am definitely geared towards math and science but I am open to a liberal arts college so I can explore other topics outside of my field more. I am from New York so I prefer to stay in the East. The UC's are just too far.</p>

<p>There are a thousand schools between the ivies and the average state school.</p>

<p>Unless you love Bing, RPI and RIT, I would add some to your list. Assuming you're from the NYC area, the competition at ivies will be brutal. For a better shot at top schools raise your scores.</p>