Please what's your thought on boarding?

<p>Hellooooooo Everybody,
I've done everything except the SSAT, I guess I'm taking it this November.
My family is discussing if I should go boarding or just stay in my normal high school life. </p>

<p>Here are some of my achievements, so I hope you can show me some of your TRUE OPINIONS</p>


<p>TOEFL=116 out of 120
My Grades= 98,97,95,96,98,99, and 100 for PE</p>

<p>6th Grade<br>
(All Year) Principal’s List (4.00 GPA)<br>
Excellence in Mathematics Award
-1 student selected each year
-outstanding mathematic skills
Certificate of Music Achievement Award
-outstanding music performance
Certificate of Music Achievement Award<br>
-1 student selected each year<br>
-outstanding music achievements </p>

<p>7th Grade<br>
(All Year) Principal’s List (4.00 GPA)<br>
Certificate of Music Achievement Award
-outstanding music performance</p>

<p>MORE TO COME>>></p>


<p>Math Competition- 4th place overall out of more than 100 chosen participants </p>

<p>National Swim Tournament- Middle school 50m Butterfly, 100m Butterfly, 100 IM record holder</p>



<p>Some ECs-</p>

<p>school’s selected orchestra 1st chair trumpet (soloist)
jazz band 1st trumpet (soloist)
captain of middle school swim team
many gold medals from national swimming tournaments
cornetist for variety of national concerts
pianist for 9 years & ABRSM 7th (recorded CD of me playing included)
TaeKwonDo- 1st Degree black belt
school’s chosen artworks
member of speech and debate club</p>

<p>(more but just shortened for privacy)</p>

<p>So,,,,,, SHOULD I GO BOARDING (to a good school)?</p>

<p>I don't need FA, just to tell you. ;)</p>

<p>My question to you....what do you want??</p>

<p>If your school is good and you are fulfilled overall what do you think you will gain?</p>

<p>Are you ready and/or do you want to be independent from your family?</p>

<p>At bs you have to eat when meals are served, somewhat limited freedom, lights out time.....etc.</p>

<p>You don't have to answer my questions.....just think about them...what are looking for?</p>

<p>Personally, I don't have a clue of how boarding schools feel like :(</p>

<p>Being independent from my family would be great! hahahhaha
However, the tight schedule might be tricky, but if I want to make a mark in this world, I would have to go through this process ;)</p>

<p>Thanks Alexz825Mom, I think I want to go boarding!</p>

<p>Seriously u defintely have a shot. But there are other determinating factors such as your personailty. If you're able to connect with interviewers (which I btw turned out to be gr8 at!) also your essays are very important, are u homesick if you're away? and do u have a close relationship with your parents? If so it might be hard to adapt to boarding school life. do you have a problem making friends? If you do BS is definitely not for you, not because you won't be able to take on the academic challenge but rather because you won't enjoy and THEN it may affect your academic and athletic results.</p>

<p>DeerfieldSwede, I think you're one of the best counselors I've ever had! ahahaaha</p>

<p>Just to tell you, I can make friends in the speed of light and almost share private stories as well. Additionally, I don't really have a close relationship with my family since I usually go out after homework and play with my friends. I like to have fun, and even during my swimming classes I frequently fool around, resulting as +1000m for the day.
I'm not a nerd- people say that when I study, cuz I study like hell when it's time. However, I always play pranks (I can't help that) and exercise everyday. </p>

<p>Also, I have a rough life. Before my dad got his job, our family's income was $0, so we had to borrow money from our relatives. I had 2 T-Shirts for about 2 months, and we sold our house. Soon, my dad finally got a job luckily, having a monthly income of almost $100,000. Then I had enough money to study, and I continued my life of education. I have tried my best to recover my knowledge, and seriously tried my best to satisfy my dead brother's wish. He wanted me to go to a good university, and get rich (makes me cry when I think of him). </p>

<p>In conclusion, adapting to new places are easy for me.</p>

<p>Always nice to help ;) In all seriousness you seem like a great candidate the only thing that i can see that may be a drawback for you is the amount of discipline at certain boarding schools (particurlary at Deerfield) may be a bit of a problem for u but if you set ur mind to it I'm sure that u can succeed.</p>

<p>Also my parents taught me never to speak about money, trust me no one with or without money will consider it appropriate, just a heads up.</p>

<p>Your rough life may not sound so rough with the amount of money that ur family makes right now. Also speaking about your dead brother and his wishes for you sry but some admissions officer may throw up if you speak about him in an essay thinking it's cruel to use a person like that. Also an amibition to become rich may if possible be an even bigger turnoff for a BS interviewer. My tip focus on your schoolwork for now and think of a dream of your own otherwise the BS's might consider you quite frankly to be a slick jerk. And trust me I know all about family pressure, I don't feel like going into details here it would very inappropriate but if u let family control u, you will never be happy and in the end you'll realize that u are chasing the wrong dream. In my social circle this is very common so I know all about it. Unless u have a dream of your own you will never be truly happy no matter how successful you are. Your parents and you may infact be offended by this but it's the brutal truth and you have my best wishes in finding that dreams.</p>



<p>This is so wrong. Boarding schools WANT kids to have close relationships with their parents.</p>

<p>Any parent or poster out there, care to share what you think on this? I'm multitasking so I can't think of any convincing arguments on this.</p>

<p>DeerfieldSwede= You are truly a nice person!</p>

<p>Thanks for your advices. I will remember them until I finish my life.
You are a philosophical person, and I admire you! So I hope I can see you in Deerfield next year! Deefield's also one of the top schools that I hope I can go into!</p>


<p>Hello assign!</p>

<p>I'll think about your comments and discuss it with my parents to decide on going boarding, or not. I found that the best way to figure out if I'm going or not! :)</p>

<p>assign, that's not at ALL what I meant. I mean for the person app applying it might be hard not for the school ofc the person may experience some problems being away from mom & dad if you have a very close relationship. Frankly I don't and I'm not gonna lie about it. It's not like we're estranged but we aren't that close either. I'm just sayin' it may be easier to adapt if you aren'</p>

<p>So you're into math and music? I'm not a total expert on this but Exeter has a very strong math program, but you won't have as much time to dedicate for music. Hotchkiss has a superb music program in addition to wonderfultabulouso academics and matriculation stats. </p>

<p>Regarding chances, we can't chance. After all, we are not admission officers. Having good stats definitely put you into the race of more competitive applicants, but that's about it. There are so many other intangible factors like essays, recommendations and the interview which control the admission outcome. </p>

<p>Also, even though I swear that newbies are welcomed on here, this kind of questions have been asked so many times. I'd suggest that you utilize the search bar and read the old threads - many of them are extremely useful. But remember to take every advice here with a grain of salt and see which advice applies to you.</p>

<p>@DeerfieldSwede, thanks and thanks! I'll keep those advices forever.</p>

<p>@assign, yes!
I'm into math and music, and maybe some other stuffs. Also, I'm a very competitive swimmer representing the state, so I would want a school with a swim team.
Thanks again!</p>

<p>Im currently a Junior in High School.
When I was 14 i desperately wanted to board but I wasn't allowed to.
I'm kinda glad living away from home at such a young age would be though.
But obviously it works for some people.
So really I think its all up to you.
From what you have said it seems like boarding would be a positive experience for you.
One of my closest friend kinda has a rough family life and she likes being at school way better then home.
According to her "anytime spent at home is to long"
I say go for it!
But in the end you are the only one who really knows!
One thing I would suggest is going to an all day school if you don't wanna board.
I know people who are day students at boarding schools and they always feel like they're missing out by not boarding.
Where I live (MA) there are quite a few prep all day schools including the one I go to.
I honestly love it , I get a great education and still don't miss my family!
Whatever you decide to do I hope you enjoy yourself!
you sound like a great person and student</p>

<p>@Sammy51, thanks for the sweet reply!
I have researched these schools, and my family concluded that boarding schools would be the best high school life for me. Even though I'm not 100% positive I'll go to those wonderful schools, I just want to make sure if I'm taking the wrong road...
One older friend of mine put all his effort on boarding and got all rejections :(
I just wanted to make sure I'm going on the right track...</p>