pleasem chance rutgers nb business worried

<p>gpa: 87.5/100
class rank: top 20%
sat: 2020(m:680 cr:620 wr:720)
usta tennis
varsity tennis
computer club
stockmarket club</p>

<p>what are my chances? i applied early action to the rutgers new brunswick business school</p>

<p>you are worried with a 2000 + sat scores? get real my friend.</p>

<p>i havent heard back from rutgers...i submitted my app on october 30th..thats why i am worried lol</p>

<p>Dude they take their time in these decisions. It's been 2 weeks and you're worried. Yeah I was admitted in a week but many friends of mine who are just as qualified are still waiting to hear from Rutgers.</p>