Plebe Hair

<p>I was reading on the West Point forum about how girls can choose to cut their hair or not on I-day. Is it the same for USNA? At USMA, I believe they have to be able to keep it in a tight bun or they have to chop it all off. </p>

<p>If this is the case, and girls can choose to keep their long hair on I-day, would anyone recommend it? Or is it easier to just cut it? </p>

<p>And are you allowed as a plebe, and later an upperclassman, to keep it in a french braid with the tip tucked under?</p>

<p>I don't know if you can keep it long or not for plebe summer. In my day, you had to cut it. However, regardless of whether you have to, I would STRONGLY suggest cutting it for the summer. Most days, you are lucky to have two minutes in the shower. You don't have time for hair or makeup other than maybe Sunday mornings for church. I remember only using a blow dryer on Sundays. Having to put up your hair is one hindrance and time-consuming activity you don't need. </p>

<p>BTW, also suggest STRONGLY you get it cut before you arrive on I-Day. It need not look "butch." It only need be above the bottom edge of your collar. Many women who aren't at USNA wear their hair that short, so it shouldn't look strange at all. The benefit of having your stylist do it is that it will look better -- there's not much time on I-Day to do more than chop.</p>

<p>As far as I know, all female mids are allowed to have long hair during ac year provided it is above the collar when in uniform. Some do french braids, some do buns, etc. After plebe summer, you'll have more time and it is manageable to put it up.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure regs say you have to cut it at Navy for Plebe Summer.</p>

<p>yeah- I think your right. And USNA1985 made a great point that I guess I foolishly forgot- time. I remember at Summer Seminar I was glad I had short hair because it took no time to get ready- and we probably had a whole 5 minutes to shower! I can't image two :)</p>

<p>It is a sad but true fact that, at some point, you cease to care what you look like plebe summer. Plus, it's so hot and humid that any attempt to do hair or put on makeup is doomed for disaster. </p>

<p>In our day, you had Sunday mornings "off" and thus had the time for a leisurely shower as well as doing something with hair and makeup. But that was it until Ac Year. I would NOT have wanted to have to put up my hair during plebe summer. I did for many years as an officer (when I was a mid, we couldn't have our hair long at all; that has changed). It takes time for it to look good. You simply don't have that time plebe summer. You could probably manage plebe year -- you can make that decision on your own.</p>

<p>Yup. Hair gets cut off. My beautiful long curly hair was cut like 12 inches for plebe summer. I now know that's also how they tell who has what class year because all of the girls grow out their hair immediately. I'm so glad my ahri is gettin glonger. As in to my shoulders, because now it is never in my face and I can pull it back. I miss my really long hair though. :(</p>

<p>Is it difficult to keep it according to regs as you grow it out? The middle stage seems like it would be tricky because it would be too long to wear down as it might touch the collar, but not quite long enough to keep all up in a neat bun.</p>

<p>the plebes use lots of hair clips (barettes). i believe there are regulations on them too. they should be close to the color of your hair.</p>

<p>"To cut or not to cut..."</p>

<p>whatever your decision, keep in mind the following:
-you will have little time (like mere minutes) to get it in shape
-you will have little time to wash/condition it
-you won't have time for makeup
-you won't care</p>

<p>The thing you might care about is your skin- it will take a beating.
Sun, sun, salt water, and more sun. Add to that dirt, sweat, and sun.
Keeping that clean, and your face free of acne, will be the real challenge.</p>

<p>The idea to get your hair cut before you arrive is a good will save you time in alumni hall, and it will prevent you from looking like all the other female mids that wait and allow the USNA hairdressers (aka barbers) to have the privilage. </p>

<p>If you do decide to keep it "long and up," better have a good way to secure it to your head...the last thing you want is to have some locks come loose, or bobby pins fall out, while you are on a "run," or shimming on your stomach in the mud, or carrying a boat on your head, or climbing up ropes in the gym, or rushing through uniform races with items flying on and off over your head faster than you can inhale. I bet those cadre just love it when some of that hair gets loose!!!!! Remember.... the goal is to FLY BENEATH THE RADAR.... !!!!!</p>

do yourself a favor. Get it cut and donate your locks to "locks for love" while you are at it.... a much better use for it (they need it, you don't)... and it will grow back. Honest!</p>

<p>navy2010 - you can't have long hair over plebe summer at all. no exceptions. It has to be above where the bottom of a collar would be all summer and if it gets any longer you still get it cut, so get it cut shorter than you think and get something that grows out well if you want it long again. Do donate it though, that was the only consolation for actually having my hair cut off.
For acne - go on birth control. makes a lot of stuff about plebe summer a lot better, especially when you skip the placebos and don't have a period at all. And it keeps your face.
No make up, you could probably get away with some on Sunday, but it's so freaking hot here that it would just run right off. And it clogs your pores. I wear make-up every day now though. So it's only 6 weeks without.
You can only have 2 clips in your hair and they have to match your hair. You can't pull it up at all in a pony tail or braids or anything like that, two clips,t hat's it. A lot of girls pulled it up for PEP, but at no other time are pony tale holders allowed. It sucks for the first 6-10 weeks or so of plebe year because all of the girls who want there hair grown out are in this super akward phase where if they pull it up it doesn't stay in a bun and if they leave it down it's too long. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. You'll get yelled at regardless, just keep pulling it up, it will get there eventually.</p>

<p>there you go! Nothing like intel direct from inside Mother B!!!! Thanks JT!</p>

<p>just a "ps" for all reporting for I-Day....
DO put some sunscreen on before you report... and make sure you remember to slather some on the back of your neck... on what will be your "new hairline".... can't tell you how many white heads with fire-engine red necks we saw come Oath of Office time!!! :eek:</p>

<p>So if you did go on birth control during plebe summer, when would you take it? Would they let you keep it on I-Day or would it have to be sent to you?</p>

<p>If you come with a prescription for BCP's you will be permitted to continue. Bring at least a one-month supply with you; thereafter (someone correct me if I am wrong) you can get refills through tricare.</p>

<p>While plebe summer may seem akin to prison, you will have an opportunity to swallow down what you need - in the morning, in the evening, during meals, etc.</p>

<p>Strongly second what JT said about makeup. DO NOT wear it on I-Day -- it will all sweat off and look like crap. DO NOT bring it on I-Day. You really won't have time to put it on and won't even WANT to wear it during plebe summer except maybe on Sunday. And, you can buy enough in the MidStore to tide you over until your parents, etc. can send you your preferred brands.</p>

<p>Yeah, the growing stage for hair is awkward. In my day, we didn't endure that during our time as mids (we had to keep it short the entire 4 years; this has changed). But, we endured it as we graduated and became Ensigns. JT is right -- you get creative w/barettes and clips. The difference is that there are fewer insepctions, etc. as an officer (unless you're a Marine), so not as much scrutiny.</p>