Plebe Summer Companies

<p>Anyone heard about their flebe summer company yet? My friend who is a 2/c thinks that it is weird that we haven't recieved anything yet.
I really want to know. Grrr.</p>

<p>Have y'all heard anything from the Academy since the permit to report packet was sent out? I haven't.</p>

<p>nopee. i think we find out when we get there.</p>

<p>You get your company when you get your address.</p>

<p>Haven't gotten anything here in Nashville as of yet...</p>

<p>I heard we find out a couple of weeks before. At least that's what my friend from 2009 told me. And I remember last year everyone found out early because there was that thread with everyone's names and the company that they would be in.</p>

<p>My son found out last year 2 days before I-day. We learned of his company as we picked up the mail the day we left for Annapolis.</p>

<p>Funny, you can always count on them to wait until the LAST minute!</p>

<p>BTW guys and gals, WE LEAVE IN 12 DAYS!</p>

<p>The boy hasn't received his either.</p>

<p>This year the plebes won't find out their company or platoon until they get to the Academy on I-Day</p>

<p>We received word on June 20th last year for a 28th report hang in there guys, it'll be coming</p>

<p>My son's roommate is the #3 man in charge of plebe summer and the powers that be have decided that this year, plebes won't get their company assignments until they report on I-Day. Too many plebes and upperclassmen were connecting on sites like Facebook and Myspace which was causing some difficulties, so they're going 'old school' and now the plebers have to wait.</p>