Plebe Year

<p>I wanted to know if anyone can give me an accurate picture of plebe year. Is it really restrictive? I know the daily schedule is very structured, but what about the weekends? Are plebes free on weekends to do whatever they want? I read where plebes get 3 or 4 town liberties per semester, is this true? While at the Academy on weekends, are they subject to harassment by the upperclassmen? or is this just during the week? Has the Academy softened their stance on having cell phones? What about the study time in the evenigs, do the upperclassmen come into the plebes' rooms and make them recite rates? Or are they allowed some privacy to study or relax or catch up on sleep, etc.? Would appreciate any comments.</p>

<p>As a parent of a potential plebe, I also have a question to pose. With their schedules being so demanding and tightly structured, what happens if they get sick? What if a plebe, or any midshipman, wakes up ill and doesn't feel they can attend classes that day? Or, can they skip breakfast and go to classes later in the day? What is the policy on this?</p>

<p>Weekends: Town Liberty is usually granted from 1015-2200 every Saturday except for home football games or required Brigade games, however liberty can be taken away from 4/C if their performance is not good. Plebes have no weekend liberty (Fri-Sun). 4/C have Yard Liberty on Sunday until 2000 End of Liberty Formation. Extended liberty is sometimes awarded from the Superintendent at home football games. Typically, there are not many upperclass on the yard during the weekends (most are on overnights or weekend liberty), so being hassled is an almost never. Cell phones are authorized for 4/C all day except during study hours (2000-2300). Upperclass are not suppose to come into the rooms during the study hour, but they sometimes do on rare occasions. Plebes do not rate racks from reville to taps (0630-2200 M-F, 0630-1015 S, 1300-2200 Sun) except for Academic Reserve periods or final exam week.</p>

<p>If a plebe gets sick, as with any other upperclass, they must go to Brigade Medical and if deemed that they need to rest or stay in the room, they are issued a SIQ (sick in quarters) chit, which is an excusal from class and they have permission to sleep in the rack. 4/C are required to attend Morning and Noon meal unless excused for church services or special events. Every midshipman is required to attend formations unless their precdence is higher in the table of priorities. </p>

<p>Plebes are not allowed to listen to music, watch videos or tv, etc. The year is very restrictive!!! There is almost no time during the week between rates, classes, athletics/parades/intramurals, and briefs. This place requires good time management! Plebe year teaches individuals how to deal with stress, time management and to work as a team. There is constant pressure placed on plebes.</p>

<p>Hope that helps!</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback. It was interesting to hear that plebes can have cell phones. You stated that plebes cannot have any music or TV the first year. That even includes the weekends, when they are on liberty? I thought I have read posts in other forums that plebes can listen to music on their laptops, as long as they use headphones. Can't a group of plebes get together on the weekends, during liberty, and watch a football game on TV together?</p>

<p>How often would you say an average plebe gets harassed by an upperclassman? I would like to know how many times they can expect to have to prepare a professional report as oppsed to having to know the menu, etc. Or are the assigned reports a result of not knowing your rates?</p>

<p>If you are on the yard, you cannot watch TV or listen to music even if you are on any liberty (yard or town, overnight or weekend). The best bet is to go to the sponsors if you wish to do that. Computer games are allowed on town liberty.
Professional rates (i.e. Professional Topics) are weekly (except academic reserve weeks, final exam week, and air force and army weeks). A special topic will be picked by the brigade training officer and will include about 4-5 pages of text, which will become rates during the week and will be tested on the weekly professional quiz. The professional quiz average is a major part of the performance grade. In addition to the pro quizzes, each plebe is assigned a platform and must give a 5-10 minutre report on it (one report per plebe per semester).</p>


<p>Thanks again for the info, you have been very helpful. Are you a midshpman? Would you be willing to let me e-mail you with other questions or discuss things with me as I go through the process of trying to get an appointment?</p>

<p>Yes and Yes</p>


<p>Your profile is setup to not allow e-mails. Would you send me your e-mail address? You can click on my screen name and send me your e-mail addres through an e-mail or private message. Thanks again.</p>

<p>Our son's plebe year was 100% positive. He said plebe summer was, "a blast!" and "Like summer camp!" He went into the Academy knowing his first year would be a challenge, but that's why the "cream of the crop" is carefully chosen to attend. He was well qualified to attend the best schools in the country and as his parents, we feel the USNA is the best! Good luck to anyone applying.</p>