PLME binding?

<p>If you're in the PLME, are you required to attend Brown for medical school?</p>

<p>If you know, how'd you find out?</p>


<p>It's not absolutely binding; you can get out of it, though most people don't because it's so hard to get in in the first place. Plus, why would you want to do the MCAT when you don't have to?
I found out at the info session at brown.</p>

<p>hmm I found this:</p>

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<p>"Note: Students who expect to apply to other medical schools should not apply to the PLME which is an eight year educational continuum."</p>

<p>So is it, or isn't it?</p>

<p>can you apply to PLME and regular brown school</p>

<p>if you apply for plme, you will be considered for brown admission even if you are not accepted into the plme program. so yes.</p>

<p>officially, brown says that they would like you to stay for med school if you get into plme because that's the whole idea of the 8-year continuum. obviously, though, you are not bound to this and in fact, once you get in they are very flexible and encourage you to do what is best for you. several students apply out (to other med schools) every year for a variety of reasons. plme is a great program, whether you decide to stay at brown for med or not, because plme's get incredible advantages over other pre-meds--including special exclusive lectures and advising, access to resources, money for research, etc. hope this was helpful</p>

<p>it is possible to get out of the 8 year. i met a doctor who matriculated quite a few years ago and did his undergrad in brown's then 7 year program, which was later boosted up to 8 yrs. he left brown for that reason--he didnt want an accelerated program and wanted 8 full years of schooling
-what i cant get over is that he was so selfish in stealing that spot from some other kid that did want an accelerated program. i swear people are soo selfish when it comes to college admissions..pssh :P</p>

<p>first off, i thought med school was only for 4 years, and that the PLME is not accelerated at all, also, since medschool admission is pretty much based on your MCAT and recs, would it hurt you to transfer to another medschool if you were in the PLME?</p>

<p>right, its not accelerated, but it was when he did the brown's ba/md program (IT WAS)
now it is not (IS NOT)<br>
why go through all the stress of transfering to another med school? brown's med school is pretty top tier.
i just think that if you get into a ba/md program, there is no need to switch to a med school after your undergrad part (even though you can)</p>

<p>the rationale for switching school's is usually personal, not academic--too many years in Rhode Island, a desire to pay less to go to a UC school, wanting to be closer to home, things like that.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm only curious to see what options I would have as a PLME student. If I were lucky enough to get in (big IF), I don't have any intention of leaving.</p>

<p>intentions change though, how you may feel now may not be the same in four years, chances are you'll stay, but there's always the chance it's not right for you even though it seemed like it was</p>