Plme chance!!! :d

<p>I'm ranked 1/476 in my school (never gotten a B)</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (unweighted) 5.2 (weighted)
Sat: 2240 Superscored (2200 not)
Math- 760
Writing- 780 (10/12 on essay)
Reading- 660 (700 with past test superscored)</p>

<p>Sat 2 :</p>

<p>Math 2: 760
US History: 740
Literature: 710
Biology: 700</p>

<p>AP scores- 10th grade:
World History - 4
Calc AB - 5
Psych - 5
Chem - 1 (HORRIBLE teacher)</p>

<p>AP score- 11th grade:
Calc Bc - 5 (AB SUBSCORE: 5)
US History- 5
Bio- 4
Physics C: Mechanics- 4
English Lang- 4
Macro Econ- 4</p>

<p>Senior year AP classes:
Physics C: E&M
English Lit
Latin AP
Environmental Science (might drop this one. Advisable? I want more time to do research!)
Micro econ</p>

<p>I take courses at the local community college:
Macro Economy- Grade: A
Business Management/ Development- Grade: A</p>

<p>UCLA summer school:
Multi-Variable Calculus- A+</p>

<p>Other info:
4 year Varsity tennis (recieved Coaches Award) (We also won Southern California Division 2 my junior year)
President of Key Club
President of JSA
member of JCL
member of NHS
member of CSF
over 400 hours of community service
Ball kid for a HUGE tennis tournament every year since 6th grade
attended a RYLA
Part of the CTY gifted and talented program since 7th grade
AP scholar (10th grade)
National AP Scholar (11th grade)
Scholar Athlete
Academic Awards of Excellence
Maxima cum Laude on National Latin Exam (9th grade)
Magna cum Laude on NLE (10th grade)
Student of the month (general)
Math Student of the month
Science Student of the Month
Most Outstanding Student in Science
Most Outstanding Student in Math
I shadow doctors 40 hours a week for 5 weeks (oncology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, neurology, neurosurgery, general surgery, dermatology)
I got a Genetic research position for senior year.
I also have a weekend job as a waiter and tutor for money.</p>

<p>I also go to Iran once or twice a year for a few weeks to visit family and to help out the people and kids in the slums. (essay on this) </p>

<p>I have GREAT letters of rec and great essays (so I've been told by teachers, etc.)</p>

<p>My dads a doctor and I have a great essay on how our relationship sparked my interest.</p>


<p>you posted this same thing a month ago. Stop being paranoid. No one on this site can "chance" you for a program that accepts 5% of applicants.</p>

<p>Chances on PLME are just impossible to figure due to all the qualified students who are "perfect" and don't get accepted, (and ones who aren't "perfect" but have some other aspect and do.)
So, I can tell you I have seen students like you not get in. (valedictorian, higher SATs, medical service, MD parent etc. )
BUT, don't get discouraged. That is the nature of application to a program like PLME. You need to research the program and figure out if it is right for you, and you for it.
IE not to apply just because you "already get into medical school".
I would recommend that the following may help:
I would recommend against ED, and get some of that time in the research program. (and in as much depth as you can). Yes, you know a bit about medicine because your family is in medicine, and likely helped you get all the shadowing time, but that does not really help show the commitment more than the 100s of other doctors kids applying! Or give you someone who knows you in a personal way to write something about this "early decision" you are making. (which your parent can't write, lol). (so I agree with dropping ecology (not impressive) for more research time.)
Also figure out if this program and Brown is for you in the broader sense. That is an important part of finding out if you are a right fit for the program. You will have to be convincing of that as part of 2 pretty short essays!</p>