Plme essay

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<p>Medicine. It seems like such a simple word but really carries along with it a potent meaning. It was quite recent that I’ve wanted to pursue a career in medicine. In fact, I had not decided my specific profession in the medical field until the latter part of my junior year in high school: oncology, the study of cancer. My parents (my mother an LVN and my father a medical technologist) have heavily influenced and supported me in my career decisions. In the summer of my junior year, I volunteered at my father’s workplace, the Methodist Hospital. I was a nurse’s assistant; while I was there, I learned about the hygiene of the hospital and the protocols for patient care. This was an important experience for me because it exposed me to the medical atmosphere that I will soon encounter after graduating medical school. I have chosen to apply to the Program in Liberal Medical Education because I believe that this program is exceptional in allowing expectant doctors to pursue both medicine and any liberal subject of their interest. For example, along with preparing for the MCAT and medical school, I would take some Classics courses pertaining to Latin, and French studies, satisfying my linguistic interests. The PLME is an ideal medical program because the undergraduates are considered, taken care of, and always assisted by advisors. Paths are made smoother and the interests of the students are taken in account. The program ensures that we don’t take the path to our destination alone.<br>
I am in love with biology and chemistry. There’s no dispute about that. I am fascinated at analyzing how the essentials function together in order to produce the precious essence of life. Seeking a career in oncology, I am destined to take courses ranging from molecular biology to biochemistry to immunology. But along with my strong predilection of these subjects, I also have an affinity for learning languages. The beauty and benefits for learning any language I think are endless. Being able to understand the people and the cultures of the world could introduce me to a whole new world of how I think and portray life. Also, I look forward to connecting my knowledge and interests in the sciences and the liberal arts to make my career more meaningful. By taking humanities courses, ranging from Classics (Latin) to French studies to Psychology, I will be able to do much more with my career as an oncologist. Latin will be able to help me understand medical terms. French studies could help me understand a Francophone, if I ever come across any, and will quench my thirst for language learning. Psychology will be able to help me understand the human mind and behaviors. I am willing to take any courses to help me become a better doctor, and I feel that the PLME is the perfect start. Medicine. Definition: being able to be part of making the world a better place to live.</p>