PLME form

<p>if i apply to PLME do i have to fill out the extra essay part for Chemistry, Engineer, Physics people?</p>

<p>not if you choose to do the AB/PLME in part I. If for your undergrad years, you plan on an ScB, you do.</p>

<p>Actually, be careful. The Chemistry, Engineering, etc statement needs to be filled out even you chose AB/PLME for one of those subjects I believe.</p>

<p>can i get some more clarity on this ?</p>

<p>To quote form 3A, which is the Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, or Physics sheet in question:</p>

<p>"Complete this form if your primary interest is a Sc.B. or A.B. in one of the following: Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, or Physics."</p>

<p>So yes, it must be filled out.</p>

<p>oh, sry bout that. I always thought it was odd that Brown had an additional form for those majors.</p>

<p>wait, but if your gonna major in anything else, then u dont need to fill that out.</p>

<p>Remember, as a PLME, you can major in anything has long as you also take the classes they require to continue on to med school.</p>

<p>Of course. That's pretty much true at every other institution as well... pre-med is generally not a major, but a specific set of courses.</p>

<p>yeah, i meant more that u dont even have to major in science at all, thus not needing to fill out that form for engineering, chem and physics students</p>