PLME or Union/AMC

<p>I got into both and i'm leaning MUCH more towards PLME.
I am just wondering how the workload and student life differ in these programs. Also, getting MBA at Union doesn't seem to be a bad option either, so Union still is a possibility. But I really wanna enjoy my undergraduate life too. (in this case, Brown seems to be a better place to go)</p>

<p>are you dumb? why would you ever turn PLME down vs union?</p>

<p>...maybe cuz he might be getting more money at union
or because he wants to go into the business aspect of healthcare and an MBA degree would benefit him</p>

<p>there are advantages and disadvantages to all programs....</p>

<p>dj, did you go to ADOCH? I met a korean guy who said he was deciding between Union and PLME, was that you?</p>

<p>regardless if youre going, the PLME program is MUCH MUCH more prestigious then Union/AMC, this should be a nobrainer for someone who got into browns program</p>

<p>asterstar, yeah it was me haha :) you are the one from FL right?
So.. i'm getting a 4-year scholarship at Union and I wanted know if learning the business aspect of medicine would better prepare me when I go into the real world of medicine. But as i think more about it, i realize that I will gain so much more freedom to explore other fields of study at Brown, and I don't wanna abandon 4 years of my life majoring in what I do not like. (If i go to union, i'd have to major in either Bio or chem, but Brown's open curriculum allows me to explore other fields of study besides natural sciences.) So i've decided to go to Brown, and thank you all for the comments.</p>

<p>"regardless if youre going, the PLME program is MUCH MUCH more prestigious then Union/AMC, this should be a nobrainer for someone who got into browns program" -brad8222</p>

<p>... u are making no sense to me</p>

<p>first, prestige is for the egotistical
so thats all i have to say about that</p>

<p>second, djlethal...
u should make ur decision based on which program best suites YOU...
meaning take into account [as i am sure you are and will]
major and curriculum
residency possibilites
social aspects</p>

<p>the last thing that anyone should do... is go to brown because its "prestigious"... who judges prestige?... USNEWS!?
brown undergrad is very prestigious
the medical school is not
and AMC and BROWN med skools BOTH get their students into very good residencies... as long as you do well on your boards and rotations you can get any residency... and brown med is not significantly better than AMC... they are on the same level [above average medical schools]</p>

<p>so djlethal, i think you are doing the right thing by going to brown if you want to be able to pursue a more "broad" undergrad curriculum
you will never get your undergrad years back.. might as well take advantage of them...</p>

<p>but my point is... is that if you decide to go to Brown or Union, do it for the right reasons [which im sure you will]... i get deeply irritated and irate when ppl think that you should go to brown "just because iuts prestigious" should go to the place that is best for what you want to accomplish in life... and each program has its pros and cons in different areas</p>

<p>express2nyc, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciate your understanding of my decision and I also do not like choosing a college (or any other major decisions) merely due to the namevalue of it. I will try my best to pursue my goal of becoming a humanistic doctor!</p>

<p>express, i think i was too curt when i made that comment, but heres what i mean:</p>

<p>union/amc has a very specific focus, leadership in medicine with an administraative/business outlook...the program is definately good, but even those in the program are more concerned with being good physicians than being good administrators...the ms or mba option is looked on as a bonus of the program, but medicine is still the most important thing</p>

<p>browns med program is more prestigious and does better placing of students in competitive residencies like derm, urology, rads, rad onc among others...amc is aimed at producing primary care physicians...while both are med programs they are drastically different and do require more than just prestige to be weighted against one another, however the undergrad experience that wwould be offered by brown is really unparalled to unions undergrad experiences, and that is why i was suprised someone would seriously consider union over brown</p>