PLME Question

<p>I completed part one of my application on paper, so I take it the remainder will have to be on paper as well. Or will Brown let me do it online? Anyways, I’m applying for the PLME program, so for all the questions on the application, do I have to handwrite my answers on the space given, or can I type my answers and paste them on the application? I’m such a procrastinator - I’ve got like 72 hours to do the whole application. Any input would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>since you did part one on paper, you have to do the rest of the app on paper as well. you definitely do NOT have to handwrite the PLME responses. typing and then pasting would be fine, but i just typed and wrote "see attached" on the app and then paper-clipped the essays to the app. that might be easier.</p>

<p>Mucho gracias</p>

<p>Much*as* gracias. I hope you aren't writing your essay in Spanish!</p>

<p>De nada. No, I'm not. It will be big enough if I can write my essays in time (in English, or any other language for that matter).</p>

<p>I wrote my essays in Swahili. And I don't even speak Swahili!</p>

<p>Hakuna matata.</p>