PLNU nursing

Is there anyone who went through nursing program at PLNU?
We are interested in the school and have some questions. Who wants to chat about the school?
Any info or insights are welcome.

I’ve had students receive scholarships to attend, but not for nursing.

I didn’t realize that they had a nursing program at Pt. Loma. Most of my students couldn’t afford to pay the tuition at Point Loma; it’s known as being one of the nicer, private, Christian schools in San Diego.
It’s kind of hidden away on the “Point” but it is on the ocean.

My daughter currently attends PLNU. She was a pre-nursing freshman 2020-2021 and was recently selected for the sophomore BSN class for Fall 2021. Tuition is high but they give decent merit scholarships for GPA/SAT/ACT scores. Scholarships are guaranteed the first 2 years and then they need a 3.4 GPA to keep them. The nursing program costs an additional $3,000 per semester beginning sophomore year once accepted into the BSN program. The program is not considered a direct admit but those who are not accepted in to the BSN program their sophomore year are given priority the following year. So it’s a better situation then most pre-nursing programs. Students are required to submit an application in February of their freshman year. It includes 3 essays, the first 2 are given well ahead of the application due date so they have time to write them, the third is done in real time on honor lock. Students must also have a GPA of 3.0 or greater to apply. There are not enough spaces each year for all of the pre-nursing students to be accepted into the program. It is competitive. That being said. My daughter absolutely loves the campus, the people and the professors at PLNU. It’s a small and extremely beautiful campus right on the ocean. The forms, dining hall and many areas around campus have ocean views. It’s expensive but worth every penny. The school is great with communication and was amazing throughout the pandemic. They gave the kids their own individual dorm rooms to start and then moved in roommates when things settled down. We couldn’t be happier that our daughter will spend 3 more years at PLNU. I also work with several nurses who went through the program and had only good things to say about it. They are all great nurses.

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