pls chance me as an int'l applying for FA

<p>Hi, need your opinion for my chances. I know the international pool is highly competitive, so please consider that too. Any help is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Asian male, from Singapore</p>

<p>One of the 2 most competitive high schools in Singapore.
SAT: 2290 (C740, M780, W770) one sitting
SAT 2: have not taken. will take MathII and Chem, expecting >750 on each
Rank: HS does not rank</p>


<p>Heaviest workload possible in my HS, and in my country.
Grade 11:
Math A
Chem A
Phy A
Bio C (this is considered to be stellar in my school)
Econ B
General Paper A</p>

<p>Grade 12:
I expect my grades to fall this year, maybe an average of B. but i'm expecting average A on my actual 'A levels' exam.</p>

Led a nation-wide fund-raiser and raised $40k for a charity.
Taught a web design class in a primary school for 2 month
Selected for tutoring of weak math students in my school
public performance of calligraphy in a local museum</p>

local math olympiad bronze
2 year president for an academic club
stanford EPGY
National science fair: Entered 3 projects, received Bronzes on 2
Science research program
presented papers at a science conference
school projects day: high distinction, top project for category
play varsity inline hockey
class representation (elected)
volunteer for interact club
4 years calligraphy
1 year judo
2 year computer club
5 year karate (brown belt, under a very rigorous grading system)
5 year swimming (with many awards)
1 year of self-initiated research project in which i designed a medicine database, filing for patent, but most likely to be unsuccessful</p>

Creative multimedia competition -1st place. this is a national web design competition
ministry of education award for leadership
international bronze for calligraphy
various awards for needy students (i come from a humble background)</p>

1. Spent one summer servicing computers and servers for a semiconductor factory
2. Internship at Legal Aid Bureau: 1 week full time
3. Internship at Centre for Strategic Infocom Technologies: 4 weeks full time, with research paper
4. Intership at National University of Singapore 1 month full time, 2 month part time, with research paper supervised by Assoc Prof.
5. paid Internship at a renowned graduate medical school, 2 month fulltime, 1 month partime. with research paper with NOVEL results *(hook?)
6. attachment with mediacorp. i was casted in a local game show.</p>

1. I'm first generation college student, neither of my parents went to college.
2. I come from a humble background, even by local standards. I cannot attend college without financial aid.
3. I am very serious about karate, i will likely make it my essay topic.</p>

<p>Please chance me for
Cornell engineering with FA</p>

<p>I say you have a solid chance getting into Cornell but no one could predict if you would be awarded FA as you might be admitted without getting FA.</p>

<p>ahh FA for internationals. I just returned from being at Cornell since June and my friend from India asked about FA and was told that "about 30 kids in the entire university receive FA is they are international"</p>

<p>i really dont want to say it is impossible for oyu to get just letting you know that yea, it is very difficult. however, best of luck to you!</p>

<p>i applied for FA but got in without it. so i dont think it affects the admission decision(?)</p>

<p>^^^how did you pay for it if you didn't receive aid?</p>

<p>yea, you may very well get accepted, but you will recieve crappy friend got accpted, but he got 0 aid, so he decided to go somewhere else</p>

<p>Does that mean there's no option of renegotiating Aid?</p>

<p>are you from hwachong? if you are you are in an extremely competitive pool together with raffles. Raffles students actually have an easier time getting into cornell but hwachong...just a notch lower than raffles.</p>

<p>oh one more question. are you singaporean or a prc?</p>