Pls help me on my rec letters

I’m currently a sophomore and applying to transfer. Vanderbilt requires 2 academic recommendations. I have one teacher that I shared a lot with over the fall. I’ve asked 2 other profs as well. One said they were too busy and the other ignored my emails. I now have no one to ask. I was pretty inactive in all my other classes even though I did well. I contacted Vanderbilt and asked if maybe I can ask a supervisor for a place I interned at to write on but they said it should be only from someone who has taught me. I don’t want to have to send a HS recommendation letter either. Any other options or should I give up on Vandy?

Sorry to hear that your professors are being less than helpful. First, I’d try again with the one that didn’t return your email. It may have been skipped over accidentally or the professor meant to respond later and got distracted. Did you only take 3 classes this year? Are there any other professors you could ask from either this year or last year? Did you take any classes over the summer?

Good luck!