Hi, I recently got into Cal Poly Slo under ME major and am currently still on the waitlist for UCI and several others. To many people including my parents, Cal Poly is just not seen as “prestigious” when compared to a UC school. I’ve already accepted my offer from Cal Poly, but I’m still wondering that if I ever get off the waitlist for UCI(Undecided major ), UCR(CS), or UCSC(CS), should I change my mind to those schools and may y’all provide me with some reasons why. I will greatly appreciate your advice!!!

Cal Poly SLO is an excellent school for ME and their program is on par with many of the UC’s and may be even better with their “learn by doing philosophy”. Engineering is a very marketable major so you do not need “perceived prestige” to do well as an Engineering grad from SLO.

If you get into UCI as Undeclared, then you have to go through the change of major process which is not guaranteed.

Is CS your first choice or ME?

UCR and UCSC are very good options for CS but you cannot beat ME at SLO and embrace the opportunities afforded to you.

Best of luck.

I was accepted into Cal Poly SLO and UC Irvine for Computer Engineering but I chose UC Irvine as I really love the campus and area. I got a scholarship to UC Irvine as well but I wanted to go to UC Irvine anyway. They are both great for your major. Cal Poly isn’t well known globally but it is in Cali so you wont have trouble getting a good job.
UCSC and UCR imo are not in the same league as Cal Poly or Irvine so I would just ignore those two.

I think you should stay with CalPoly Slo. It arguably has a better program than UCI or UCSC, so you’ve definitely made the right choice.

HIii GUMBYMOM! I recently got off the waitlist at UCSC for CS, but I already declined their offer. Today I got off the waitlist for UCI which was actually my number one choice out of all the schools I have applied to.

I think you seem like an expert for the college process, so I was wondering if you know how the change of the major process works and would like to know if you can provide any details. THank YOU!

@henryvn: You got in as Undeclared and want to change to CS?

Computer Science:
Cumulative UC GPA Students must meet BOTH requirements:

  1. Minimum of 2.7 GPA overall
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.7 in the quarter immediately preceding the change of major.
  3. Course grades: A minimum GPA of 3.0 and no grade less than a C in ALL courses taken from those listed below. Completion of the following:
    ICS 31 and ICS 32, or
    ICS 32A and ICS 33, and
    One or more of Math 2A, Math 2B, ICS 6B, ICS 6D, ICS 6N

Two issues with changing majors:

  1. No guarantee you will be able to get into the required courses to meet the requirements since CS students get priority
  2. Even if you meet the requirements, there is no guarantee spots will be available to change your major.

I would contact the CS department and ask about your chances in changing your major.

Best of luck.

I would like to transfer into CS or Engineering in general. Thank you so much for your info, and PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED! MUCh appreciated!

@henrynvn: Here is the link to Engineering Change of Major requirements: