I am an international student intending to apply this year to Trinity. However, I am really concerned about its STEM field education. I haven’t decided on my major yet but probably CS, physics or Biomedical engineering. I guess I will stick with engineering and CS with a double major option and a minor option.
How good is Trinity for such programs? Many people scared me and told me not to apply as it is very weak in such programs. I am interested in doing research, working on projects, and discovering new things through a challenging education and curriculum. Will I find these opportunities at Trinity? I know that it can’t be compared to other elite schools such as Stanford, MIT, or the Ivies. But will I find the education that is close in quality to these schools?
In terms of job, will trinity affect me negatively? does being in a small liberal arts college affects the employer’s decision?

My chances are good to get in as I applied last year and I got waitlisted. The email said " We were interested in your application and enjoyed reading your story but we don’t have enough places" I guess if I apply ED with a stronger application this year my chances are pretty high. Also, I am requiring a lot of financial aid that’s why I find Trinity to be a good choice as they are one of the most generous schools to international students

I also thinking about Bucknell U. But I am scared of being rejected.
Should I choose Bucknell? Is it better than Trinity? I have a friend of mine who got there with a full financial aid and his ACT was just 28

My stats

ACT: 27 ( not good I know but my counselor explain in his recommendation letter what is the reason behind my score) This is the only shortcoming in my application
GPA: 4 (unweighted) ( Don’t have AP’s in my school but our honors exceed the AP curriculum and this is written on the transcript
All of my classes were science classes like chem, bio, physics, calc, astronmomy, robotics, and robotics and got A’s in all of them ( in addition to some humanities such as English and second language)
Rank: 1/150
Honors: finalist in ISEF and other science fairs; finalist in physics olympiad; did pretty well in all of science fairs
Activities: Very impressing activities: working on a research in a university in my country ( curing diabetes)
worked on 4 science projects
did a lot of research and wrote science papers
blogger, Youtuber
a lot of other things

oh btw, I am thinking of going to grad school for a master degree after earning my undergraduate degree and maybe after that a PhD

For what it’s worth, US News ranks Bucknell much higher than Trinity for engineering (among colleges without doctoral programs). You’d have to dig into the data (or subjective evidence) to see if the difference seems to be driven by factors important to you. You might want to compare online course listings, faculty biographies, and program requirements.

On the other hand, based on each school’s Common Data Set (section H6), Trinity seems to award more FA to international students (more grants, much bigger average amounts). Whether that means very much in your specific case is hard to say.

I know this can be a bewildering process but unfortunately, there aren’t very straightforward answers to all the questions you’re asking (like, “Is [Bucknell] better than Trinity?”) You need to make some judgement calls based on the best available information. I suggest you apply to both Bucknell and Trinity, but also add some others (like Union College or Clarkson, maybe).

@tk21769 for job opportunities, does having a degree from trincoll can affect me negatively? or it just depends on how well I did during these four years in terms of academics, research and internships

I am asking about a engineering degree