Pls tell me what i have to improve on in order to get accepted to UCs, Stanford, UWash,Johns Hopkins

I’m in the 10th grade

Demographics : International, Indian,Male, Middle class

Intended Major(s) : Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

Grades : 4.0 GPA according to WES , All A’s except one B

Class rank : 3

Awards : Academic Excellence Badge Holder,
National Street Play Competition Winner,
International English Olympiad Gold Medallist (international rank 25),
National Cyber Olympiad Gold Medallist (national rank 7), Won scholarship,
High Commendation at MUN

Work Experience :
2 years in Supply Chain Management (NIE club),
Started an NGO
Had a failed NGO and startup
Aerospace startup in the works


3 diplomas in Group Drama, Performing Speech and Text and Speech and Drama (Solo), passed all with Distinction from Trinity College London

Was set to be part of Student Council ( Coronavirus stopped Offline School so no need of Prefects)

Junior Editor for School magazine

Participated in 4 international MUNs

I have Elementary level certification in Fine Arts (Passed with B +)

Part of Robotics Club, Programming Club and started my own Club with my friends as well

Part of team that won Aerodynamic Modelling Competition in my State

Leader of Back up team for international robotics competition that my school won

Won various school level debates

Part of Spoken Word Club

Started a Meme Page with my friends about Science

Mentor 2nd and 7th grade students

Part of TEDx club ( I help in organizing TEDx Talks )

Taught myself how to code in the 6th grade

Audited various EdX courses on Aerospace engineering and Single Variable Calculus

Currently pursuing Microsoft Certification in C++

Going to be starting a Ted-Ed club as well and doing the Ted-Ed Earth School Certification

Applying to Johns Hopkins University’s EI and BMEI programs along with Brown and Harvard Pre-college

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Honestly, if all this is infor above is 100% honest, you’re in a good position right now for being in 10th grade.

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Woah! 10th grader and stellar ECs and Academics. I am an International student from India as well. I do have have some recommendation regarding your work experience. Firstly I didn’t understand about failed startup and you don’t have to mention if it isn’t successful.

So ill tell you one thing, Me and my friend both applied to same prestigious universities in the US. My friend had slightly better GPA than me. I secured 90% under CBSE and he scored 94%. I always gave more importance to two subjects and then ECs. He was all over the place and went and joined every club so he can add it to his EC. Fun fact, I got into 11 of the 12 universities I had applied and my choice was NYU Shanghai. and my friend only got into 7.

You can probably find your passion and love doing ECs that means a lot to you. Many of these top university got a required regarding your admired work experience or doing a community service. It should Quality > Quantity in ECs. Last advice would be regarding maintaining that amazing relationship with your counselor and teachers. Go talk to them all the time. I always used to go talk to them and we never spoke subjects outside the class rather things that I like, what I am going to do and what can be done better at this school… Your counselors recommendation should show that you are unique and stands out from other applicants. These are recommendations for universities such as Yale, Harvard, UPenn and all. basically the IVYs and top ranking Universities.

That’s all Champ!

Thanks for all the advice.
I had a few personalized questions:-
1.My school doesn’t have a guidance counselor, so who do I build a rapport with?
2.Classes are online and they don’t let us talk to them